October 09, 2011

Ghulam Fai is lucky.

Reggi Sinha

Reports suggest that Dr. Ahmed was a U.S. citizen, as is Ghulam Fai. Dr. Ahmed, a Pakistan military/ISI agent in the USA has now died in Pakistan, apparently due to heart attack, is of course, nonsense. Similar to the three Saudi princes and PAF Mushaf Ali Mir "accidented" after 9/11, and Saleem Shahzad "accidented" by a call placed from Kayani's office no less, we may never know the truth behind ISI's tentacles reach deep into our body politic which reconfirms what I have stated before "Pakistan Military is a U.S. funded terrorist organization" (it will be decades when a "deep throat" reveals how the Pakistan military funded, planned, and excuted 9/11; the 9/11 commission report was a farce).

GOTUS knows ALL about Ghulam Fai machinations. They don't care about the truth. Fai is directly responsible for thousands of deaths in Kashmir and radicalizing the region, thanks to Saudi funding. Fai is just one of GOTUS's useful idiots in our seeking Pakistan's cooperation in this farce called the war on terror. He will be cleared of all charges, and allowed his islamist agenda in Kashmir, should we receive sufficient cooperation from Pakistan. In that, as Anurag correctly states, Fai should consider himself lucky he lives under the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Since Dr. Ahmad was a U.S. citizen, I demand my government investigate the real cause of death in Pakistan.

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It's all erroneous the thing you are saying.