October 19, 2011

INDIA: Modernization of State Police Forces Scheme

The C&AG commissioned a comprehensive audit exercise to assess the efficacy of the Modernization of State Police Forces Scheme (MPF Scheme) through individual performance audit reviews of States. The C&AG has provided to the Ministry of Home Affairs a copy of the “Compedium of Performance Audit Reviews of 16 States – Audit Evaluation of Modernization of Police Force in India dated January, 2009. The C&AG audit report covers the main naxal affected States for the period mention, viz., Andhra Pradesh (2002-07), Bihar (2001-06), Jharkhand (2000-04), Madhya Pradesh (2000-06), Maharastra (2000-05) , Orissa (2000-04) and West Bengal (2000-05) In the C&AG audit report implementation of the MPF Scheme in 16 States has been reviewed and State-wise findings have been given. Though audit report has pointed out certain shortcomings in the implementation of the MPF Scheme, it has observed that almost all the States had benefited from the Ministry of Home Affairs’ enhanced funding programme.

The main shortcomings reported in the audit report on mobility, finance, utilization of funds, weaponry, communication and training are briefly as under :-

(i) Mobility : A number of police stations were not provided with four wheelers by States which adversely affected the field policing activities. Vehicles were not purchased synchronizing with availability of Drivers. Vehicles were deployed in Bandobast as a result police response time for crime did not improve.

(ii) Finance : In some cases the State Governments did not release its matching State share of funds under MPF Scheme.

(iii) Utilization of funds : . The States were slow in utilization of funds in the same year of release.

(iv) Weaponry: Procurement of sophisticated weapons were inadequate and police stations and barracks continued to depend on outdated weaponry. The State Governments did not provide sufficient modern weaponry for training and practice in police training colleges.

(v) Communication and training: There was deficiency in communication facilities. In some States training infrastructure for training of constables was inadequate. In some States training infrastructure is not adequate to support the increase in intake capacity of training schools.

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