October 05, 2011

MILIPOL PARIS 2011, Worldwide exhibition of internal State security, 18-21 October

Security, i.e. the protection of property and individuals, is at the heart of every civilization's demands. Governments, public institutions and private companies need to be able to address the requirements for security effectively and in a manner that is increasingly respectful of human rights. In this respect, they need to develop their expertise and leverage the best technology.


The fight against terrorism,  cybercrime and serious crime mobilizes the most advanced technologies. Forensic science  enhances investigative capabilities and can bring the necessary evidence to justice systems.


Mobile robots  and personal protective equipment  allow security forces to act in hostile environments.


Prevention of major risks, whether natural or industrial,  disaster relief, and prevention and relief to cope with the risks of daily life such as road accidents, necessitate the implementation of equipment and materials that are perfectly suited to the needs of emergency services.


Technologies are changing very rapidly based on increasing security requirements. Thanks to the quality of its visitors, MILIPOL Paris highlights the wide variety of technologies being used and their current developments.


So don't miss out on your chance to attend MILIPOL Paris, the worldwide exhibition of internal state security, to be held next October 18-21 at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris, France.



Alain Rondepierre 
President of Milipol

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