October 28, 2011

Not-so Secret Pakistan

Check out video at 2:40:

“For those nations who stand with the terrorists, there will be a heavy price” - George Bush circa 2001.
Err...20 billion dollars and counting!

Of course, much of what the Brits and Paki analysts say in these videos can be trashed rather easily....for eg. Hamid Gul talking towards the end of vid. # 1 about Taliban not going away and that Pakistan has no other choice but to live with them. Fair enough! So likewise, why does he not show the same attitude towards India? That Indians cannot go away, they are our neighbors and we have to somehow learn to live with them. Hilarious! The sad part is western interviewers just do not know how to ask or frame questions to draw out Pakistanis. (reminds of Larry King shows).

Another example...this whole charade about Pakistan not allowing an India influenced Afghanistan (musharraf at Carneige etc.)! Most stink tanks Pakloving analysts buy this line about Paki (manufatured) fear of encirclement and empthasize with Pakistan legitimizing it as a rational concern (listen to the Brit analyst before Hamid Gul in vid. 1). Nonsense! Who or what gives Pakistan the right to dictate Afghanistan, a sovereign country, on who it wishes to establish friendly relations with? Aren't Afghanistan and India NOT independent sovereign nations with UN mandated laws governing the engagement of entering into a mutually friendly bilateral relationships with each other, without coercion and interference by another? Why is not Pakistan hauled up at the UN as a trouble maker and forced to back off as meddling in member countries affair?

In any case, when Pakistan was able to extract 20 billion dollars AFTER conducting 9/11 on us, what makes the babes-in-the-woods Hillary and co. think they can best Pakistanis now. Musharraf chewed and spit out Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Powell, Armitage, Brown, Vajpayee, Manmohan combined. Kayani is now even better placed to outdo Musharraf.

We have nurtured the snake, hoping that it would be our "pet," failing to understand that ultimatley it is in the nature of snakes to bite, and unless we are ready to decapatitate the head (PakMil) of the snake, be prepared to get bitten, over and over again! SInce Ms. Clinton has used the snake symbolism, may I request her to read the Indian fable of the scorpion and the tortoise crossing the swollen river to understand the true nature of the scorpion.


Please watch all six parts and rebroadcast the links to everybody you know. Worth archiving!

Reggie Sinha
Pakistan Military is a US funded Terrorist Organization

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