October 12, 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On Pakistan's "strategic depth"

Afghanistan as the strategic depth for Pakistan is a bizarre Punjabi-Muslim fantasy. The Punjabi-Muslim per se is widely reviled in Afghanistan. Hence, the Afghans, regardless of their tribal affiliation, are least likely to support Pakistan in its hour of dire need. Furthermore, for more than 100 years no government in Kabul, including the one led by the Taliban, has accepted the validity of the Durand Line. Accordingly, it is unlikely that Afghan support will be forthcoming for a retreating Pakistani military that seeks safety and succor in that country. In addition, Afghanistan has few roads and no railway lines. Instead, it has numerous choke points, the Khybar Pass being the best-known. Therefore, it is a trap, not strategic depth. Clearly, the rugged, arid, and inhospitable landscape of Afghanistan should be nobody's vision of strategic depth except for an invader bent on the long-term occupation of that country and India harbors no such ambitions.
Rajesh Kadian

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Anupam said...

But the Bonds of Saudi Financed Wahabism would compel Taliban to support Pakistan.

The arguments have merit if there is no factor called wahabism