October 17, 2011


18th Oct. 2011

His Excellency
Mr. Barack Obama
United States of America


I represent Pakistan and China occupied Gilgit Baltistan whose fate is still in limbo due to the un-resolved UNCIP resolution of 13th Aug 1948 and 28th April 1949 Truce Terms, which had asked Pakistan to withdraw its civilians and troops within 3 months.

Despite being a UN member country Pakistan has violated all the UNCIP resolutions. Instead of withdrawing its forces and civilians, Pakistan has multiplied its forces and armed civilians more than 1000 times since the time UNCIP Truce for withdrawal of troops was signed on28th April 1949. Territorial integrity and sovereignty which was guaranteed by UNSC in its resolution was seriously violated by ceding 2500 Sq. Miles to China and merging Shandur, Babusar and Shenaki Kohistan in to its Khyber Pokhtunkhowa province. Hence bringing the life, unique culture, language and tradition of these areas under serious threat by settling their terrorists in this disputed part. I have been writing to former US Presidents Mr. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush about the double standards of Pakistan with the US which is on the record. Pakistani Army and its ISI have been diverting US dollars and Aid to the Talibaan and Al-Qaida and been propagating through its media against US for a long time.

More than 200 innocent people of this land are facing sedition charges and more than 100 are facing terrorism charges, upon expressing their political views in public by exposing the atrocities of the Pakistani occupation regime and its forces in Gilgit Baltistan, a disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir.

Manzoor Hussain Parwana, Chairman GBUM (Gilgit Baltistan United Movement) was arrested after his speech in the convention of BNSO (Balawaristan National Students Organization) on 28th July 2011 and his crime was a “Demand to Open Kargil Skardu Road”, which is also a topic of dialogue between India and Pakistan to facilitate the people across the Line of Control (LoC).

On 20th August 2011 Sher Ullah Baig, 50, from Ayeenabad, Gojal, Hunza, Gilgit and his 22 year old son Sher Afzal were killed when they were peacefully protesting for help.
The arrest of 120 political activists who were demanding food, shelter and clothing for the flood victims of Attabad, Hunza is yet another symbol of state led terrorism. 8 people including Baba Jan have been seriously tortured by ISI and other 17 were released after severe torture and 25 including Engineer Amanulah Khan, Chairman Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance (GBDA) are still facing torture in Torture Cell Gilgit, while the youth of Hunza are facing threat of torture and terror, with the design to provide safe exit to the killers .

It’s a challenge for UN and UNSC and specially the USA that one of its member country which also claims a COALITION PARTNER against Terrorism has re-defined the meaning of TERRORISM by imposing Terrorist Act against its political opponents and innocent victims who deserve help in real sense. Political opponents are framed as Terrorists and brought to the Terrorist Court in Gilgit, this is the fact that even a single UN or USA wanted or banned group member has not been found in Gilgit Baltistan so far. There were no such courts established in Abbottabad, Waziristan and other Tribal Agencies and Swat of Pakistan, where Talibaan are in control with the full support of Pakistani forces and its ISI.

In spite of the fact that almost 90% Al-Qaida members, including Osama Bin Ladan, have been found in Pakistan. The killers of these innocent protestors are left scot-free, because they wear Pakistani uniform and have Pakistani licence to kill any one, whereas more than 120 people were booked under terrorist charges, for simply protesting against the killing of innocent people. But on the other side terrorists are free to act who have links with Talibaan and Al-Qaida and those Talibaan or ex terrorists are kidnapped, arrested and killed who do not co-operate with ISI against US interest.

It is legal obligation of UN and UNSC to protect the life of people at least, if torture, freedom of expression and freedom of Assembly is beyond the practical scope of this world body. Pakistani government and its Missions in the UN and UNHRC which are being used by ISI to protect its terror act with the help of non-democratic UN members must be directed to bring the killers of the innocent people of Hunza, Chilas and Gilgit to justice and stop the TERRORISING the pro-democratic people. The terrorist charges against the peaceful protestors and political activists should be immediately withdrawn. The non-required and unjust Administrative Terrorist Court in Gilgit (disputed part of J&K),where even a single person of any banned group or UN banned group has not been found so far, should be closed. The only way to get rid from terrorism is to punish Pakistani forces and its ISI and its main ideologue and financier Saudi Arab, until then terrorism is not going to stop.

Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Balawaristan (Pakistan and China Occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
Website: www.balawaristan.net

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