October 28, 2011

Terrorism Wins Once Again!

It is not Pakistan, it is US who are forked-tounge and double-deal in our relationship with Pakistan. In Pakistan, Clinton huffs and puffs of days/weeks, not months; back home, she is asking for patience. Give it to the Pakistanis. They are stratight-shooters. Kiyani threatens us with his nuclear arsenal. Muhsrraf tells us off on our faces that ISI WILL take "counter-measures" against India should they come into Pakistan's cross-hairs. Compare that to Sec. Clinton's pathetic testimony in the House today, where she is reduced to backtracking on her position a few days back in Pakistan. No wonder Pakis accuse us as being confused and sending out different messages. And why shouldn't they? Good news for our stink tanks analysts. They can heave a sigh of relief. Your jobs are safe, money will continue pouring in, and you can continue strategizing "grand bargain" plans for South Asia - just so long as Pakistan does not indulge in direct violence on mainland America! (and that seems to be our "grand-bargain" with Pakistan).

Separately, GOUTS/CIA/PENTAGON lied to us when they informed of finding terraflops of data at Osama's hideout, because if they had, we would have seen some action by now. No significant targets have been eliminated/bombed since the so-called "enough information to fill rooms and rooms" were supposedly found at Abbotabad. Secretary Clinton's September deadline has come and gone!


In House testimony, Clinton asks for patience on Afghanistan, Pakistan

By , Thursday, October 27, 6:20 PM

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appealed to skeptical lawmakers for patience and support Thursday as the administration tries to mend a deep rift with Pakistan, encourage negotiations with U.S. enemies and prepare for the promised withdrawal of all American combat forces from Afghanistan by 2014.

“I will be the first to admit that working with our Afghan and Pakistani partners is not always easy,” Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “But these relationships are advancing America’s national security interests, and walking away from them would undermine those interests.”

Despite what it sees as significant recent successes against al-Qaeda and refinements in its strategy leading to an eventual end of the Afghanistan conflict, the administration faces growing doubts among the public and in Congress about whether the war is winnable and flagging interest in spending more money and lives on it.

Clinton spoke positively of what she called a “fight, talk and build” strategy, in which intensified military strikes will “squeeze” Pakistan-based militants toward the negotiating table. She said that during a visit last week to Pakistan, she had “detailed and frank conversations” and that a page had been turned after relations deteriorated in the wake of public U.S. accusations of Pakistani support for the militants. (Madame Secretary, with all due respect, Pakistanis interpret words like "fight, talk, build, squeeze, detailed, frank" full of machismo and sexually titlitating, and it is like further antagonizing a raging bull. Not exactly the kind of words I will use while communicating with them. For example, here is Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani's idea of a good "squeeze." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMBy_OIJM6Q . Did you not see how Zardari came on to Sarah Palin and Condi Rice's own recollection of her being sized up by Pak politicans? Isn't there anybody in the State Department who can impart some pisko knowledge to you on how to deal with Pakistanis? I mean, silly snakes and all that!!

She also described recent U.S. efforts to persuade Afghanistan’s neighbors to support reconciliation efforts and to participate in cooperative regional trade. Clinton will attend a conference of regional governments next week in Istanbul that the administration hopes will result in pledges to bolster Afghanistan’s economy and promises not to support warring proxy forces there.

“This strategy requires resources,” (***** my comments below) Clinton said in addressing a committee that has approved tight restrictions on the administration’s proposed budget for Pakistan. “I can’t sugarcoat that fact.” (Cash and Kerry Jaziya payment to Pakistan)

But lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seemed unimpressed. “It is hard to be optimistic,” Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) said. “All the options on the table appear deeply unappetizing. All run the risk of being ineffectual, counterproductive or both.”

Rep. Howard L. Berman (Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the committee, said the administration should “reevaluate” all military assistance to Pakistan — more than $2 billion last year. At the same time, he said, “I continue to have reservations about efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups such as the Haqqani network.”

Clinton said that a meeting held by administration officials in the summer with a representative from the Haqqani network “was not a negotiation.” She said that there was “no follow-up meeting” and that the response from the Pakistan-based Afghan group — which U.S. military commanders have said is the most “active” in attacking American forces — “was an attack on our embassy.”

But the administration has said repeatedly that the Afghanistan war will ultimately end with a political agreement among warring Afghan ethnic and political groups. In addition to the August meeting with Ibrahim Haqqani, the brother of the organization’s patriarch, officials have held at least two meetings this year with a representative of the Quetta Shura, the Taliban umbrella group led by Mohammad Omar that is also based in Pakistan. “Negotiations would have to include the Quetta Shura,” Clinton said.

“We want to fight, talk and build — all at the same time,” she said. “Part of the reason for that is to test whether these organizations have any willingness to negotiate in good faith. There’s evidence going both ways.”

Clinton was accompanied on her recent visit to Pakistan by CIA Director David H. Petraeus and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They outlined a new arrangement in which the administration would cease calling for the Pakistanis to begin a military offensive against Haqqani sanctuaries in the tribal region near the Afghanistan border. Instead, they asked Pakistan to help launch targeted strikes against Haqqani leaders and simultaneously assist in bringing them to the negotiating table.

The U.S. outreach last week essentially gave Pakistan the seat at the table that it has long sought. Although the hope is that talks will ultimately be facilitated by an outside negotiator such as the United Nations, initial discussions should include only direct participants in the war — Afghanistan, the Taliban, the United States and Pakistan, said a senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity Thursday to avoid preempting Clinton’s testimony.

Clinton also asked the Pakistanis to issue a public statement calling for the Taliban to begin serious negotiations, the official said.

The Istanbul regional meeting next week will include Iran and other countries in Central and South Asia, with the United States and European nations attending as “supporters.” That meeting will be followed by a much larger gathering Dec. 5 in Bonn, Germany, marking the 10th anniversary of the international conference that began after the overthrow of the Taliban government.

At a summit in Chicago in May, NATO hopes to mark major progress in peace negotiations and transition to Afghan security forces, leading to the withdrawal of international combat troops by the end of 2014.

Honorable Clinton you state, "This strategy requires resources." Likewise, can you spare a dime for me and my family as well Honorable Clinton? The price of whole wheat bread is $4.59/loaf (25 percent increase within the past year), Skim-milk is 3.29 (used to be 2.50), gas is 3.50/gallon (used to be 2.49 a year back), a case of soda is 7.99 a case (from the historic 4.99 a year or so back), meat products are up 25-30 percent over the past year, and health insurance premiums have skyrocketed. The price increases and with annual salary increases of only 3-4%/year (just ahead of inflation), we are experiencing abysmal deterioration in our wealth and standard of living conditions Madam Secretary. We are hurting, and hurting bad! While I applaud all what you are doing to bring peace in AfPak, can you please spare a dime for my family during this holiday season, honorable Secretary?

Madam Secretary, when you seek "resources" for Pakistan, and just to put things in perspective, here is list of Zardari's wealth.

Pakistanis Question Perks of Power
Many Say Military Confuses National Interest With Its Own
By John Lancaster
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, November 22, 2002
KARACHI, Pakistan -- Public schools here are little more than warehouses, grim concrete shells lacking libraries, sports facilities, sometimes even teachers.......would (PakMil) officers' children at the seven-year-old army school enjoy basketball courts, fields for cricket and soccer, even a petting zoo stocked with ducks and deer.
(And this is dated 2002, BEFORE the 20 billion dollars were shovelled to the PakMil by the U.S. taxpayers)



  1. Plot no. 121, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi.
  2. Agricultural land situated in Deh Dali Wadi, Taluka, Tando Allah Yar.
  3. Agricultural property located in Deh Tahooki Taluka, District Hyderabad measuring 65.15 acres.
  4. Agricultural land falling in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 827.14 acres
  5. Agricultural land situated in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 293.18 acres
  6. Residential plot No 3 (Now House) Block No B-I, City Survey No 2268 Ward-A Nawabshah
  7. Huma Heights (Asif Apartments) 133, Depot Lines, Commissariat Road, Karachi
  8. Trade Tower Building 3/CL/V Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi
  9. House No 8, St 9, F-8/2, Islamabad
  10. Agricultural land in Deh 42 Dad Taluka/ District Nawabshah
  11. Agricultural land in Deh 51 Dad Taluka Distt Nawabshah
  12. Plot No 3 & 4 Sikni (residential) Near Housing Society Ltd. Nawabshah
  13. CafT Sheraz (C.S No.. 2231/2 & 2231/3) Nawabshah
  14. Agricultural land in Deh 23-Deh Taluka & District Nawabshah
  15. Agricultural property in Deh 72-A, Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah
  16. Agricultural land in Deh 76-Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah
  17. Plot No. A/136 Survey No 2346 Ward A Government Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Nawabshah
  18. Agricultural land in Deh Jaryoon Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  19. Agricultural land in Deh Aroro Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  20. Agricultural land in Deh Nondani Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  21. Agricultural land in Deh Lotko Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  22. Agricultural land in Deh Jhol Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  23. Agricultural land in Deh Kandari Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  24. Agricultural land in Deh Deghi Taluka Tando Mohammad Khan
  25. Agricultural land in Deh Rahooki Taluka, Hyderabad
  26. Property in Deh Charo Taluka, Badin
  27. Agricultural property in Deh Dali Wadi Taluka, Hyderabad
  28. Five acres prime land allotted by DG KDA in 1995/96
  29. 4,000 kanals on Simli Dam
  30. 80 acres of land at Hawkes Bay
  31. 13 acres of land at Maj Gulradi (KPT Land)
  32. One acre plot, GCI, Clifton
  33. One acre of land, State Life (International Center, Sadar)
  34. FEBCs worth Rs. 4 million

  1. Sakrand Sugar Mills Nawabshah
  2. Ansari Sugar
  3. Mills Hyderabad
  4. Mirza Sugar Mills Badin
  5. Pangrio Sugar Mills Thatta
  6. Bachani Sugar Mills Sanghar

  1. Bomer Fiannce Inc, British Virgin Islands
  2. Mariston Securities Inc, British Virgin Islands
  3. Marleton Business S A, British Virgin Islands
  4. Capricorn Trading S A, British Virgin Islands
  5. Fagarita Consulting INc, British Virgin Islands
  6. Marvil Associated Inc, British Virgin Islands
  7. Pawnbury Finance Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  8. Oxton Trading Limited, British Virgin Islands
  9. Brinslen Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
  10. Chimitex Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
  11. Elkins Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
  12. Minister Invest Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  13. Silvernut Investment Inc, British Virgin Islands
  14. Tacolen Investment Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  15. Marlcrdon Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
  16. Dustan Trading Inc, British Virgin Islands
  17. Reconstruction and Development Finance Inc, British Virgin Islands
  18. Nassam Alexander Inc.
  19. Westminster Securities Inc.
  20. Laptworth Investment Inc 202, Saint Martin Drive, West Jacksonville
  21. Intra Foods Inc. 3376, Lomrel Grove, Jacksonville, Florida
  22. Dynatel Trading Co, Florida
  23. A..S Realty Inc. Palm Beach Gardens Florida
  24. Bon Voyage Travel Consultancy Inc, Florida

  1. 355 acre Rockwood Estate, Surrey (Now stands admitted)
  2. Flat 6, 11 Queensgate Terrace, London SW7
  3. 26 Palace Mansions, Hammersmith Road, London W14
  4. 27 Pont Street, London, SW1
  5. 20 Wilton Crescent, London SW1
  6. 23 Lord Chancellor Walk, Coombe Hill, Kingston, Surrey
  7. The Mansion, Warren Lane, West Hampstead, London
  8. A flat at Queensgate Terrace, London
  9. Houses at Hammersmith Road, Wilton Crescent, Kingston and in Hampstead.

  1. 12-3 Boulevard De-Nieuport, 1000, Brussels, (Building containing 4 shops and 2 large apartments)
  2. Chausee De-Mons, 1670, Brussels

  1. La Manoir De La Reine Blanche and property in Cannes
ZARDARI’S PROPERTIES IN USA — in the name of Asif Zardari and managed by Shimmy Qureshi are:

  1. Stud farm in Texas
  2. Wellington Club East, West Palm Beach
  3. 12165 West Forest Hills, Florida
  4. Escue Farm 13,524 India Mound, West Palm Beach
  5. 3,220 Santa Barbara Drive, Wellington Florida
  6. 13,254 Polo Club Road, West Palm Beach Florida
  7. 3,000 North Ocean Drive, Singer Islands, Florida
  8. 525 South Flager Driver, West Palm Beach, Florida
  9. Holiday Inn Houston Owned by Asif Ali Zardari, Iqbal Memon and Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani

  1. Union Bank of Switzerland (Account No. 552.343, 257.556.60Q, 433.142.60V, 216.393.60T)
  2. Citibank Private Limited (SWZ) (Account No. 342034)
  3. Citibank N A Dubai (Account No. 818097)
  4. Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62290209)
  5. Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62274400)
  6. Banque Centrade Ormard Burrus S A
  7. Banque Pache S A
  8. Banque Pictet & Cie
  9. Banque La Henin, Paris (Account No. 00101953552)
  10. Bank Natinede Paris in Geneva (Account NO.. 563.726.9)
  11. Swiss Bank Corporation
  12. Chase Manhattan Bank Switzerland
  13. American Express Bank Switzerland
  14. Societe De Banque Swissee
  15. Barclays Bank (Knightsbridge Branch) (Account No. 90991473)
  16. Barclays Bank, Kingston and Chelsea Branch, (Sort Code 20-47-34135)
  17. National Westminster Bank, Alwych Branch (Account No. 9683230)
  18. Habib Bank (Pall Mall Branch).
  19. National Westminster Bank, Barking Branch, (Account No. 28558999).
  20. Habib Bank AG, Moorgate, London EC2
  21. National Westminster Bank, Edgware Road, London
  22. Banque Financiei E Dela Citee, Credit Suisse
  23. Habib Bank AG Zurich, Switzerland
  24. Pictet Et Cie, Geneva
  25. Credit Agricole, Paris
  26. Credit Agridolf, Branch 11, Place Brevier, 76440, Forges Les Faux
  27. Credit Agricole, Branch Haute – Normandie, 76230, Boise Chillaum
DISCLAIMER: We have no way in confirming the authenticity of this list, and would appreciate help in confirming some/all items listed here, errors and omissions will be corrected as identified
Reggie Sinha

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