October 09, 2011

Vikram Sood of the Centre for International Relations, Observer Research Foundation

Vikram Sood, Vice President at the Centre for International Relations, Observer Research Foundation, highlights the domestic and international hurdles India faces as it looks to achieve further economic growth, and explains why the question, “Will India catch up with China?” is a debate “we shouldn’t get into.”

Sood, who formerly headed India's external intelligence service before taking his role at the independent public policy think tank, tells AVCJ that China has been an aggressive competitor to India as it seeks the same resources to fuel development.

"China has been a little assertive with us in the recent few months. Many say there is enough space for both India and China to grow. I am not too sure about that because the Chinese have all along put pressure on us when it suits them," he says.

Sood additionally notes that India certainly has its strengths, namely in its English-educated, technically qualified young entrepreneurs.


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