November 02, 2011

BIRTHDAY OF "Iron Man of India"


Today is Sardar Patel Janam Diwas - the Iron Man of India. He united the Princely States to make India what it is today. If Gandhi had not forced Nehru's nomination as PM and allowed Patel to become PM, India's history would have been different for eg there might have been no Pakistan Occupied Kashmir - Patel would have asked Indian forces to capture POK and not go to the U.N.

To read about his Life and Contribution to India the link takes you to a precis of a book by Rajmohan Gandhi -

On 31/10/1984 Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her bodyguards. Todays Hindustan Times Mumbai edition has 4 advts by various GOI depts that pay tribute to the former PM.

Good way to buy the Media loyalties! What must be the amount spent on a all India basis on such newspaper tributes would be interesting to know?

Love and Light
Sanjeev Nayyar

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