November 11, 2011

CHINA: A comment picked from TOI

Not much will be achieved by talking about Pakistan in China. The Chinese are cool-headed, low-on-emotion but at the same time organized and disciplined people. We have to put it across to them in the language that they will understand. If they try to encircle India, we should forcefully reciprocate by encircling them. Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Kazakhstan and Mongolia are all open candidates who would love support against the dragon.

If they try to pamper Pakistan and use it as a lever for weakening India (which the West has been doing for a long time), then we should similarly encourage and develop military-economic relations with Vietnam & Taiwan. If they blabber about Kashmir, we should rake up Tibet all across the world.

SIMULTANEOUSLY – and this is important, we should encourage the Chinese to understand that they are far better off breeding friendship and warmth with India, than creating bad blood. For that we should build economic, social, cultural and religious (the Chinese are weak on this) relationships. However, to attain the above we need strongly nationalist, practical, courageous, incorruptible and committed political leadership – not a pack of wimps. In Narendra Modi we can see glimpses of such leadership.


Yogesh Kumar said...

Hi my name is yogesh kumar. I like this blog website. I say thanks to that person who made this

Anonymous said...

i could only disagree with the last sentence. that one is really unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

a slopehead will never understand until he gets ' a rude awakening'.
and the half breed PAKIs?
the world knows them as vermins

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