November 14, 2011

Dr.Kalam's frisking by US security : B.Raman Tweets his thoughts


  • Some thoughts on Dr.Kalam's frisking by US security while he was returning to India
  • Before he entered aircraft responsibility that of US security.
  • After he entered AI aircraft, responsibility that of AI. US security had no business to enter plane and frisk sans AI permission
  • Fact US Security did so is a violation of standing operating procedures, apart from being violation of dignity of ex-President.
  • However,FBI can frisk inside foreign aircraft too under security rules relating to nuclear & missile non-proliferation.
  • In 1992,FBI frisked a retired No.2 of Ind intelligence and his wife & subjected them to interrogation under proliferation suspicions before they entered aircraft.They missed flight due to this.
  • This case had figured in book on US int published in US in 1996 (?)AG Noorani had reviewed book in "Frontline" & commented on this case
  • Since Dr.Kalam has been visiting US frequently, it is possible FBI has his name in suspect list relating to non-proliferation
  • In future, our Embassy shd inform State Dept beforehand of Dr.Kalam's programmes & ask them to ensure he is not subjected to any indignity during his travels.
  • However,if Dr.Kalam meets any US citizen of Ind origin who is a nuclear or missile expert,FBI may exercise its right of search even if US President asks it not to do so.That is way Homeland & non-proliferation security R handled in US.
  • No point in getting unduly emtional. Dr.Kalam has been very graceful. Let us emulate him

In Western countries, all retired public servants R reqd under counter-int precautions to inform their Foreign Offices before & after their foreign travels.No such requirement in India.Most retired public servants do not inform to Foreign Offices.

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