November 03, 2011

Hillary sees no India hand in Balochistan crisis

Washington, Nov 1, 2011

Amid Pakistan’s charge that India is fomenting trouble in Balochistan, the US has said it does not have any evidence to support the claims.

“Well, first of all, we have no evidence of that; I mean, we just have no evidence of that,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

Hillary, who just concluded a three-day visit to Pakistan, had made the remarks in Lahore during an interaction with Pakistani editors who told her that many Pakistanis believed India is fomenting trouble in Balochistan.

Describing Balochistan as “a very volatile region,” Hillary said she has not seen any evidence from Pakistan about India’s involvement in Balochistan.

“Not that I’ve seen.... I have not seen it. I have not seen anything like that. So I can’t agree with you because I personally don’t have any information,” she said, according to a transcript made available by the State Department here.

Her comments assume significance in the wake of Pakistan alleging it has “evidence” to prove that India is fomenting trouble in Balochistan.

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