November 08, 2011

HJS ranks among top10 websites & blogs about Hinduism

With the grace of the God and the continuous efforts of our HJS members and devout Hindus associated with the HJS website for a long period of time, we have received acknowledgement for the precious work done by HJS towards the preservation and prosperity of our Hindu Dharma and the Nation. '' - A well-known website aiming to give information about plight of Hindus in Muslim majority countries has given ranked HJS website ( among top 10 websites and blogs in the web world about Hinduism.

The HJS website is consistently creating awareness amongst millions of Hindus worldwide on National issues like terrorism, corruption and issues related to Hindu Dharma like the Conversion of Hindus, Love Jihad, Attacks in various forms on Hindu Temples etc. for the past 4 years. The HJS website has also succeeded in stopping the denigration of Hindu Deities, Hindu Icons and National Icons on numerous occasions. HJS is also instrumental in gaining worldwide recognition of M F Husain as a Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter and HJS has succeeded on many occasions in stopping the sale of M F Husain's paintings with the support of devout Hindus all over the world.

Here is the matter posted about Hindu Blogs and Websites on :

You’ve probably come across hundreds of small and rarely updated blogs related to different aspects of Hinduism. To make your life easier in finding interesting, educational and resourceful Hinduism blogs, our senior editorial team has put together the following list of what we think are the top 10 Hindu blogs at the moment. Each of these blogs has a different focus, ranging from Hindu history, Yoga, Ayurveda to human rights and political issues. The top 10 Hindu blogs (in no specific order) are:

1. Hindu-Blog
2. Bharatendu
3. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti -
4. Hinduism Today’s Blog
5. Western Hindu
6. Manasa-Taramgini
7. Jaisiyaram Blog
8. Hindu Devotional Blog
9. Hindu Human Rights
10. Blog

The matter posted on 'Chakra News Website' about HJS Website says :

A mixture of news and blogs, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti helps to create awareness for issues with the intent to stop denigration of Hindu Dharma. It also shares educational posts about Hindu traditions and celebrations. We’ve noticed that most of its posts topics are somewhat exclusive and hard to find elsewhere on the web in such depth, making it a valuable resource.

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