November 10, 2011

Killing of Three Hindus in Shikarpur: Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance

Killing of Three Hindus in Shikarpur: Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance

Press Release

Hyderabad: Paigham-e-Sindh Forum, Movement for Peace & Tolerance, Pakistan Peace Coalition and Woman Action Forum condemning the brutal murder of three innocent Hindus in Shikarpur has announced ‘Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance’ rally in front of early 20th centaury Theosophical Society’s interior Sindh’s centre Besant Hall in Hyderabad on Monday November 14, 12:00 PM.

Representatives of the forums Punhal Sariyo (Sindh Harri Porihyat Council), Zulfiqar Shah (Institute for Social Movements (ISM), Jabbar Bhatti (Indus Institute for Education & Research), Amar Sindhu (Woman Action Forum), Zahida Detho (Pakistan Peace Council), Mohammad Ali Shah (Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum), Mustafa Baloch (Strengthening Participatory Organization), Suleman G Abro (Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers Coordination Organization), Shehnaz Shidi (South Asia Partnership Pakistan), Jami Chandio (Centre for Peace & Civil Society), Dr. Ashothama (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), Shuja Qureshi (Pakistan Institute of Labour Education & Research), Masood Mahesar (Research & Development Foundation), Sikandar Brohi (Participatory Village Development Program), Javed Soz (Sindh Community Foundation), Murad Pandhrani (Prbhat), Mahesh Kumar (We Journalists), Iqbal Mallah, Kashif Bajeer (SPARC), Ghaffar Malik (SDS), Asghar Leghari (Laar Human Development Program), Shaheena Ramzan (Bhandar Sangat), Dr. Haider Malokani (Green Rural Development Organization), Akbar Dars (Civil Society Support Program), Adam Malik (PPC), Shaukat Memon (Indus Rural Development Organization), Mansoor Dahiri (Dharti Development Society) and others demanded the government to take immediate actions for detention of the culprits and ensure security to the Hindus, Christians and other minorities in the province.

In a statement the civil society representative have said that the killing seems to be a targeted action that is potent threat to the composite and harmonious environment of Sindh. They showed their deep concern over the increasing intolerance in Sindh particularly in flood hit northern districts of the province where tribal conflicts and weaponization have been major challenges to the law and order, peace and human security.

They said that the victimization and harassment of Hindus through kidnapping, murders and forced convergences since last decade in Sindh has left no other option to the minority community then that of migrating from Pakistan.

They demanded that provincial and federal government should ensure the security to the minority in Pakistan particularly in Sindh, which houses a larger number of Hindus, Christians, Zoroastrians, Bihais and others.

They said that this is the high time when political parties, broader civil society, enlightened religious scholars and media should act together to prevent such insanity in the interfaith tranquil province of Sindh.


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