November 20, 2011

Leadership – A Global Crisis?

In the post-globalized world, political ideology, lack of leadership, economic crisis are all global problems – respecting no boundaries or territories.

Liberty will do ... as long as my Welfare State and my bailout is safe!   |  Cartoon Michael Ramirez; on 8th April, 2009; Source and courtesy -  |  Click for larger image.

Liberty will do ... as long as my Welfare State and my bailout is safe! | Cartoon Michael Ramirez; on 8th April, 2009; Source and courtesy - | Click for larger image.

Thin Indian State

Over the last few years, 2ndlook research has shown that the Indian State is comparatively smaller and less widespread, compared to its more ‘developed’ counterparts in the world.

Unlike popular perception, the Developed World is shackled by a huge bureaucracy and an enormous compliance burden. This burden of legal compliance has made business impossible – except for mega corporations, which can invest in structures, systems and specialist for managing compliance.

Fat & ‘Developed’ World

Anecdotal confirmation of this data-based conclusion came this week. In a post by columnist – Thomas Friedman.

Driving to the Indian town of Jodhpur last week, our Indian guide stopped to point out a modern landmark. “Do you see that stoplight?” he asked, pointing to a standard green-yellow-red stoplight in the busy intersection. “It’s the only stoplight in Jodhpur. There are 1.2 million people living here.”

The more you travel around India, the more you notice just how lightly the hand of government rests on this country. Somehow, it all sort of works. The traffic does move.

India needs to prove that its democracy can make and implement big decisions with the same focus, authority and stick-to-itiveness as China’s autocracy. No leaders want to take hard decisions anymore, except when forced to. Everyone — even China’s leaders — seems more afraid of their own people than ever.

One wonders whether the Internet, blogging, Twitter, texting and micro-blogging, as in China’s case, has made participatory democracy and autocracy so participatory, and leaders so finely attuned to every nuance of public opinion, that they find it hard to make any big decision that requires sacrifice. They have too many voices in their heads other than their own.

From India to America, democracies have never had more big decisions to make … The European Union has a particularly acute version of leaders-who-will-not-lead, which is why both Greece and Italy have now turned to unelected technocrats to run their governments.

Leaders shape polls. They don’t just read polls. And, today, across the globe and across all political systems, leaders are in dangerously short supply. (via Who’s the Decider? –

Look East … my friend

The answer to this crisis in leadership is Indic polity – भारत-तंत्र Bharat-tantra

A system that works on more freedom - not increased governance, as the solution. On the other hand Western political constructs based on Desert Bloc political ideology have bloated State machinery to impossible sizes.

Friedman is right – and wrong


There is a crisis of leadership. It is because we have invested to much power in the hands of polity. We have moved in a linear direction – with Desert Bloc systems that progressively need more laws, more powers that limit freedom.


What we need is less political power – and more intellectual leaders. The Indic model, has the solution. One Vighneswara, sitting in a small town in Karnataka, wrote a legal text. Later, the Vighneswara’s Mitakshara became the law of the land of Bharat-ah.

For the next 700 years.

What is भारत-तंत्र Bharat-tantra – The classical Indian system of polity worked on ensuring

4 freedoms

- धर्म (dharma – justice)

- अर्थ (arth – wealth and means)

- काम (kaam – human desires)

- मोक्ष (moksha – liberty)


3 rights

- ज़र (jar - gold)

- जन (jan - human ties)

- जमीन (jameen – property)

for all.


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