November 05, 2011

Rahul Gandhi lacks a Prime Ministerial drive

B.Raman's thoughts on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi

Some thoughts from Delhi's S&S circuit:

1. If Manmohan Singh goes, he would prefer to be succeeded by Rahul Gandhi and not by anybody else.

2. But Rahul Gandhi is not yet mentally ready to take over as PM.Nobody has a better idea of his limitations than Rahul Gandhi himself.

3. Rahul Gandhi doesn't think of himself as PM material--at least for present.He lacks a prime ministerial drive.

4. Rahul Gandhi thinks he is better suited to lead the party than the Government.

5 . Rahul Gandhi would prefer continuation of present arrangement where he, like Sonia Gandhi , exercises de facto prime ministerial authority.

6. Sans de Jure prime ministerial spotlight on him.The family (Sonia Gandhi family) is showing signs of dilution in its allergy to Pranab.

7. Pranab Mukharjee is increasingly seen as the man of the hour who can set right the governance before 2014.

8. Pranab Mukharjee is also sending out signals that he would pose no hindrance to Rahul Gandhi one day sitting in PM's chair.
Disclaimer: Pronouns are changed to nouns to enhance clarity and 'reference back'(anaphora).Some other changes made to original tweet are RG = Rahul Gandhi, SG = Sonia Gandhi, Pranab = Pranab Mukharjee. To see original source please visit.!/SORBONNE75

Bahukutumbi Raman (also referred to as B. Raman) is a former Additional Secretary (retired), Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of India and former head of the counter-terrorism division of India's external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).[1] He is currently the director of the Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai. B Raman is also a contributor to the South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG). As a former intelligence official, B Raman regularly writes about security, counter-terrorism and military issues regarding India and South Asia.

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