November 02, 2011

Sacrifice Drama of Sonia Gandhi Exposed by Dr Subramanian Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy professor of IIT and Harvard University explains the truth behind Sonia Gandhi sacrifice drama. Dr Subramanian exposes the Sacrifice Drama of Sonia Gandhi. The truth behind this denial of Prime Minister post was never told to the Indian public and the Media left no corner to glorify Sonia Gandhi on this matter.

Manmohan Singh was then given PMship as he was one of the most obideint Sonia Loyalist who also had clean image in the eyes of Public which was unaware of his agent like activities for World Bank and IMF.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy is presently the President of Janata Party who is fighting against Corruption in Indian political System and is working to punish all the corrupt Politicians.

Sonia Gandhi is an Italian born President of Indian National Congress Party.Italy does not allow a person to become PM unless he/she is Italian born.

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