November 28, 2011

US Raid in Mohmand-A Strategic Analysis


The US raid on Pakistani infantry company headquarters is not a solitary tactical event which occurred by chance in the fof of undeclared war between the US and Pakistan since many years.

The Mohmand raid is an event of cardinal strategic importance.

On 24th November Chinas PLA commmandos carried out a para drop exercise with Pakistans special services troops SSG at Tilll Ranges Jhelum.The US raid was a quick albeit crude response , in the form of cold blooded massacre of 29 Pakistani troops in Mohmand including a captain.

When the US helicopters took off from Asadabad in Kunnar they had a clear flight plan to eliminate a Pakistani post in Mohmand as part of a aerial raid approved at the White House and war gamed at the Pentagon.

The Mohmand raid is deeper than a stray raid by a drunk US chopper pilot.

The raid has various motives.

Firstly and foremost , an attack in the realm of psychological warfare.Create a feeling of helplessness in Pakistan.This is most dangerous part.To create a strategic anaesthesia in Pakistan where the people lose faith in the military , in the generals and the whole idea of any faith in Pakistans military is buried for eternity.

The Americans want a subalterns coup or a majors coup in Pakistan.

They want Pakistan to become an Iraq and a Somalia

While the US has a clear strategy to reduce Pakistan to size it is not necessarily a sane strategy because the Americans are famous for being barren , infertile women at the strategic level !

What the Americans are doing is playing with fire.One wrong step and a new world crisis far greater in volume than 9/11 is far closer than anyone who authorised the Mohmand massacre of Pakistani Red Indians in Wwashington DC or at the Pentagon may have imagined.

What is not done in Pakistan now to counter this raids affects is crucial for Pakistan at the strategic level.

This is a time to act and regret rather than not to act and regret.

This is a time for hard decisions.

A clean break with an ambiguous friend ! And this is true for both Pakistan and the USA.Both are like an unstable couple cheating each other and sleeping with each other enemies.

Pakistan needs a clean break with the US and the NATO and the US needs greater strategic sanity which is sadly lacking in the cheap social climber from Chicago.This is not a law suit which smart mothers boy can win.This is strategic brinkmanship which can destabilise the whole region.

If Pakistan has to drown so should the greater powers who are thoughtlessly playing with fire.

If Pakistan is condemned to darkness let there be no light in Bagram !

This is time to break with a double game whose bluff has been exposed.

This is a time where Pakistans survival lies in real countermeasures or Pakistan will be lost for eternity.

What General Kiani and his corps commanders decide will decide Pakistans fate ! The decisions that they have to make have to be bold !


Kumar said...

Firstly, Pakistan needs to prove with evidence that it was indeed NATO/ISAF aircraft/choppers that carried out the attack. This evidence must stand the test of law in either European Courts or US Courts. They also need to prove the crew who were in the aircraft and further that Pak troops did not initiate hostilities in order to receive fire from the aircraft. This is the same argument which Pakistan put forth to India when India asked Pak to take action against the perpetrators of Mumbai 26/11. Today it is Pak's turn to comply with these pre-requisites.
No use crying foul!

Anonymous said...

Agha's rant is ridiculous. The only point I agree with is that the U.S. - Pakistan relationship needs to end immediately. We'll take our troops and toys and go home, and with that also goes the billions in military and economic aid. It's time for Pakistan and Afghanistan to figure out there future on their own accord...