December 14, 2011

Draft energy white paper - strengthening the foundation for Australia’s energy future

14 December 2011The draft Energy White Paper sets out a long‐term energy policy framework to guide the further development of Australia’s energy systems into the next decade and beyond.

Its goal is to provide clear policy directions that improve the productivity and resilience of Australia’s energy systems so that all Australians can access clean, secure, reliable and competitively priced energy. In doing so it sets out a series of interconnected policy positions that collectively form the overall policy framework.

Part I of the draft Energy White Paper – Australia’s energy in context – provides an overview of Australia’s current energy situation and identifies key energy trends, priorities and challenges to 2030 and beyond.

Part II – Australia’s energy policy framework – examines Australia’s energy security framework and the opportunities and challenges involved in the sustainable development of our energy resources, improving the operation of our energy markets and energy productivity, and making the transformation in deploying clean energy technologies.

Part III – Supporting energy policy outcomes – addresses the energy‐related cross‐cutting policy issues of sustainability, skills and workforce development and promoting Indigenous opportunities, and concludes on two important enabling activities – international engagement and improving energy analysis.

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