December 15, 2011

RAW backed Baloch separatists attended Bonn Conference

A Paki Propaganda against Munir Mengal and Dr. Wahid Baloch. Nothing can be farther from truth. We strongly condemn these baseless allegations. If exposing Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan, crimes against humanity and Genocide against Baloch people is crime then every Baloch leader is doing so.



Special Correspondent

Bonn—Asian observers are surprised to learn that Baloch separatist-militant leaders were not only allowed to attend recent Bonn Conference on Afghanistan but were also able to meet a number of officials from host government.

Munir Mengal, a Baloch linked with terrorist organization BLUF (Baloch Liberation United Front) and his associates were facilitated by the Indian intelligence as well as Afghan Foreign Ministry officials assisted the Baloch leader not only to meet foreign dignitaries at Bonn Conference but also project their propaganda against Pakistan. BLUF had kidnapped a UNHCR official, Johan Solecki, on February 2, 2009 from Balochistan and UN and U.S. officials negotiated a deal with the terrorist leader to secure his release.

Observers were surprised to notice that Chief of Staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Abdul Malek Quraishi had been guiding and supporting Munir’s engagements and inter-actions in Germany.

The so-called “President of Baloch Voice Foundation” Munir Mengal managed to remain present during the Bonn Conference and claimed that he had a meeting with German Foreign Minister Mr. Westerwelle as well as other German and Turk-menistan delegation. Baloch leaders claim that Munir also handed over a document (anti-Pakistan propaganda) to other participants in Bonn.

Baloch separatists also claimed that Munir Mengal had also met with German Assistant Defence Minister Christian Schmidt and discussed with him the regional situation.

Sources in Germany reported that Indian Embassy and Afghan Embassy in Bonn had jointly sponsored the visit and logistics of Baloch separatists in Germany.

Sources however, where not sure if Baloch militants linked with several terrorists cases in Pakistan were officially invited by the German government or visited Bonn as part of Indian or Afghan delegations attending Bonn conference.

Munir Mengal and several other Baloch leaders engaged in anti-Pakistan propaganda are sadly provided safe heavens in NATO countries including France. Munir Mengal is backed by another RAW-backed Baloch activist, Dr. Wahid Baloch who is engaged in anti-Pakistan propagation from the United States.

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