December 26, 2011

RQ-170 L: Does Iran lacks the technical capacity to exploit and duplicate?

"Iran lacks the technical capacity to exploit and duplicate the advanced technologies in the RQ-170 on its own"

Anonymous Post

- That is a complete load of rubbish. I could take 4 of my programmer / science buddies and disect that in its entirity in less than ayear. To suggest that a nation of 70 Million people, with a multibillion dollar budget cant analyse a piece of technology such as this shows how disconnected most westerners are with the reality of the outside world.

Creating technology from scratch is expensive and difficult. Replicating a device in your possession is trivially easy. What is most stealth technology? Kevlar / Epoxy frames with metallic oxide ceramic coating. Carbon fibre sections. This is old technology well in the public domain. A scape of paint gives its oxide composition. Download the hard drive and you have the entire OS in ASM.

It must be the diet of hollywood drivel that makes so many people believe the US government has some super secret ultra high tech under wraps, when the reality is that almost all these things are developed by private corporations who use the same technology in their commercially available products.

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Grace said...

It is a very interesting blog. Maybe Iran don't have enough budget for the exploiting and duplicating. Or maybe they just have another plan for that.

Mary from robe longue habillée