December 04, 2011

Russia and China oppose Western sanctions , covert and overt actions against Syria and Iran

Russia and China oppose Western , Saudi-led GCC and Islamist Turkey’s sanctions , covert and overt actions ; lies and propaganda against Syria and Iran. India is being pressurised not to buy oil etc with Iran ( what for)
‘West’s Policy on Syria Could Ignite WWIII’

By RT (Russian TV)

December 03, 2011 "RT" -- The situation in Syria is just a warm-up before a real confrontation, which will draw Russia and China into action, believes Lawrence Freeman from the Executive Intelligence Review magazine.

Russia and China are rightly worried about what is behind the policy of the US and its allies in Syria and Iran, Freeman told RT.

“President Obama is acting on a British geopolitical plan to force a confrontation with Russia and China, a military confrontation of which Syrian and Iran would nearly be the ignition point,” Freeman explained. “But the real goal is a war to stop the progress that Russia and China are engulfed in.”

Lawrence Freeman says that the International Criminal Court is being used as an instrument to carry out regime change with a smoke screen of human rights protection.

“The Russians and the Chinese are seeing this played out again and they are beginning to respond,” he said. “Especially the Russians, they are responding militarily by sending the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the Syrian borders.”

It is a risky game, Freeman admits, but he thinks that Russians are aware of the danger of what could happen if they do not do it.

“This could result – and I think the Russians and the Chinese are aware of this – this could result in World War III,” he said.“So this is extremely dangerous, and measures have to be taken now to stop these policies by President Obama and the British.”

Political analyst Marcus Papadopoulos agrees that Russia will not allow the situation in Syria to end up as it did in Libya.

“The difference between Syria and Libya is the Russian factor,” he told RT. “Russia has made it very clear that what happened Libya will not happen in Syria and they’ve already vetoed a resolution at this Security Council, so of course there’s going to be a lot more talk by the UN of what can be done but I think the Russian factor will prove to be a critical one”.

He also voiced his opinion on how to resolve the present crisis.

“What needs to happen is that the international community needs to act as a mediator between the Syrian government and the opposition parties,” he said. “And unfortunately it’s not helping – how the American, British and French governments are demonizing President Assad and they’re taking the side of the Syrian opposition.”

China Not Obliged To Besiege Iran

Editorial : China's Global Times

December 03, 2011 "Global Times" -- The retaliatory revenge from the West ignited by Iranian protesters storming the British Embassy on Tuesday is likely to plunge Iran into a bottomless abyss of war.

Western countries demand China follow their lead and slap sanctions on Iran. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China should not comply with the request. Instead it should join hands with Russia to help calm the situation.

The US Senate approved tougher economic sanctions against Iran on Thursday, vowing to penalize any financial institutions that do business with Iran's central bank. Consequently, other countries such as China, Japan and India are prohibited to conduct oil trade with Iran.

Under such an arrogant bill, it is hard to imagine how the US would borrow money from the central banks of its creditors to make up its bleak budget in the future. China need not pay attention to it.

The incursion in Tehran deserves condemnation, but does not necessarily constitute the subversion of a nation. Here is another case. Though its forces bombed one of Pakistan's military outposts last week, killing 26 soldiers, NATO has received no punishment.

In Iran's case, it is understandable the EU imposes sanctions against Iran. But, China has no obligation to mess up the situation especially as the EU and the US try to take the opportunity to overthrow Iran for their own interests.

Iran is an Islamic country with a democratic model, but its ardent religious passion has received little understanding and respect from the West for some time. Conflicts have been mounting because of the nation's reluctance to take orders from the West, which wants Iran to obey their rules. A country of 70 million people in the Middle East, Iran enjoys the right of living a different way from the West if only because it conforms to the will of its people.

China firmly opposes Iran's development of nuclear weapons, but will only impose sanctions against the its nuclear-related industries and research on the condition explicit evidence has been found.

For China, the danger of Iran developing nuclear weapons is parallel to the West's efforts to topple Iran in the name of anti-nuclear weapons.

The West suffers from an economic recession, but its efforts to overthrow non-Western governments due to politics and military interests culminate. China, as well as its mammoth neighbor Russia, should keep on high alert and adopt countermeasures if necessary.

China should not shrink before a possible showdown with the West but seek a solution favoring itself. China will adopt concrete measures to show its determination to take its own path. Such a choice is important for China's interests.


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