December 08, 2011

An urgent Call to the Participants of International Conference on Afghanistan, Bonn


The Baloch people, and the Baloch Voice Foundation (BVF) NGO, fully supports the struggle of Afghan people who refuse to be sacrificed at the altar of so called “peace process’’ made with Taliban, ISI sponsored militant terrorists and other terrorists. Instead of risking any agreement with so-called “moderate” Talibans, and the ISI supported terrorists, the aim of the war on terror was to give a true freedom to the people and eliminate terrorism from the region. We insist that People rights be upheld and protected without making any compromise.

A step in the right direction must be taken by giving, the Baloch People, the next door neighours, sharing a boundary of more than 1200 kms with Afghanistan, the close associates of secular people in the region, the unheard and neglected victims of religious terrorism, must be heard and taken care of by organizing a similar Bonn Conference on Balochistan.

Full participation should have been given to them at the Bonn Conference and to other such conferences, which is to decide on the future of the People, societies, communities, and of the region been victim of religious and of state sponsored terrorism – in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolutions, that opposes the “occupation and subjugation, and genocide of people” on the basis of religious fundamentalism, as well as the Universal Declaration of UN and all UN Conventions call on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination, persecution, torture, and execution of people.

We are of the view that:

Ø Pakistan shall stop sponsoring all sorts of religious terrorism, and particularly the genocide of the secular Baloch people through Military-Mullah allied operations;

Ø The world community must take notice of the “state sponsored religious terrorism” and of the illegal occupation of the Balochistan by the Pakistani state and call for an International Conference on Balochistan;

Ø Denounce in strongest terms the continuing perpetration of heinous crimes against peace-loving Baloch people by the Pakistani and Iranian armies, which has resulted in one of the worst human rights violations that has largely been ignored and gone unreported in the history of humankind;

Ø Call upon the international community and urge it to take note of the crimes being committed against an entire community in the name of ‘national and territorial integration’, and put pressure on the Pakistani state to honour its international commitments in cases involving torture, forced disappearances and ensuring the operation of an impartial justice system;

Ø Remind the international community, and our brethren that the ideology of Pakistan will never be in consonance with the secular credentials of Baloch identity, and given the inherent contradictions in the Pakistani state, the persisting domination of the Punjabis in the statecraft and the insipient sense of conceit, dishonesty and deception in its leadership, we have to fight for our sovereignty and independence;

Ø International community must take notice of “Quetta Shura Council” and also shall take steps against, from converting Balochistan into another Afghanistan;

Ø Indeed, the people of Balochistan, Sindh, and of Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa, must be given the right of self-determination and restructure the boundaries of the stated as per the historical civilization and as per the Will of the people under the UNO supervision.

Issued at: Bonn, December 3rd 2011
Baloch Voice Foundation/Association
Munir Mengal
Phone: 0033-647454774
Paris, France


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