January 08, 2012

Baloch Unity International conference--London 2012

Baloch Unity International conference--London 2012

A Unity Call

On behalf of His Highness Khan of Kalat, I would like to invite all Baloch stake holders, leaders and Political activist to a brainstorming Balochunity conference in London on Saturday March 10-11, 2012, to brainstorm the current situation of Balochistan and to come up with suggestion, recommendations and solutions and how to implement these recommendations in order to move forward with Baloch National movement. All stakeholder and political activist are requested to join, participate and share their thoughts and to be a part of the process.

This is an sincere attempt to bring all Baloch Diaspora under one umbrella and to work together for the greater interest of Balochistan. Every effort will be made to include and count all Baloch stake holders and to recognize and honor their contributions and support for Baloch struggle. It is high time that we all must put our ego's and personal differences aside and join hand with each other for the greater interest of Balochistan to move forward in unity.

Balochistan is passing through its most critical time in its history. We have two choice left. Unite or Perish. Unite to save our motherland for us and for our future generations or continue in our personal grudges and perish. We are surrounded by enemies all around and the only way to save us and our identity as a Baloch Nation is to unite and defend ourselves with unity. We must bury our past and open a new chapter of Unity, cooperation and support to each other. It is not the time to point finger who did what. The blame game must be over.

Here are the few main items on the agenda:

Discuss the current situation in Balochistan.

Suggest and Recommend solutions and how to implement them.

To bring all Baloch Diaspora groups on One Single platform by either forming a Baloch unity platform, Such as Balochistan National Congress (BNC), or an umbrella unity group of all Baloch Diaspora groups, Such as "Balochistan Independence Council" or "Baloch Diaspora United" for a common Cause/goal and interest.

Opening Chapters of a such unity or umbrella group and electing its office bearer (Chapter President, Vice President, Sec General, and so on).

To draft preliminary Constitution of future Independent Balochistan

To discuss how to approach the international community for help and ask the UN for intervention through diplomatic means suing all resources.

Fundraising: how to raise funds to fiance these activities and our case at ICJ which is still on the ground without money.

All patriotic Baloch stake-holder, leaders and political activists are invited and requested to attend to share their ideas and thoughts so that everyone can be on board, included, credited and counted for. Balochistan belongs to all of us. It is everyone responsibilities to share the burden. It is time that we should put all of our less important personal and silly difference aside and think of the greatest interest of Bleeding mother land, Balochistan.

It is time that we bury all of our egoistic attitudes and immature behaviors such as "Munn Nakoshta Hillar Nainth", and promote a culture of " embrace your brother" and "show respect for each-other", and avoid, shun, discourage all kind of leg pulling, personal attacks, mudslinging and slandering, as these will take us no where but to disunity and failure. Our suffering people back home expect from us a realistic, mature and responsible behavior and we must not fall short of theirs expectations, hopes and dreams. Balochistan with its abundant Natural wealth is the answers of all of our problems. It will make everyone's dream come true, once liberated from the occupier. Lets make that dream of every Baloch come true by joining hands together and standing by with each other in Unity.

Let's make the Year 2012 is the year of Baloch Unity.


By e-mail: Contact@bso-na.org

By Web: >> http://www.bso-na.org/Balochunity_Conference_London.html

Long Live Balochistan
Long Live Baloch Struggle for freedom and Justice.


Dr. Wahid Baloch

Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA)
1629 K Street NW, Suit 300
Washington D.C., 20036

P.S: Please note that some ISI Paid agents among us will oppose this idea to Unite Balochs and they will try to sabotage it no matter what, which is expected, but to those Baloch who claims to be true Baloch Nationalist and Patriot, it is chance that they should join hands and make this unity a reality. If they don't then they have to explain to the Baloch Nation as to why they refuse to join hands with their Baloch brothers to Unite Balochs for the greater interest of Balochistan

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