January 01, 2012


                    Dr.Babu Suseelan
The communist and Muslim fundamentalist nexus in India has been growing for some years and it has reached a major threatening force in Kerala and West Bengal.  The communist party in Kerala and West Bengal works day and night in collusion with Jihadi terrorists for the ultimate destruction of Hindu society. The party has created a core group of terrorists to attack Hindu cultural institutions, spiritual leaders, destroy Hindu temples and tear apart the social fabric. The hard-core terrorist group is small, compact, and highly mobile that can strike quickly with great furry. The select group of fanatics are constantly whipped into a state of frenzied enthusiasm with anti-Hindu rhetoric and thought control. Each day for the fanatic group is a day for attack, and preparation and dress rehearsal for the day when they hope to come to power and wipe out Hindus from their own country. Every opportunity is used for infiltration, sabotage, murder, loot, intimidation penetration and subversion.
The communists also recruit pseudo secularists to serve in their front organizations. The value of fellow travelers and sympathizers lies in their status in society. They serve as behind the scene manipulators and misdirect innocent Hindus from their cultural ethos. They serve for communist front organizations such as Minority Rights Groups, Human Rights Watch, Civil Liberty Committees and Women's league. By allowing them to be used as tools, fellow travelers and communist sympathizers have immeasurably advanced communist-jihadi anti Hindu agenda. They have a powerful influence in the "thought-molding" field. These fellow travelers can be seen as teachers, scriptwriters, news reporters, and news analysts. These fellow travelers exert considerable influence in Kerala and west Bengal in destroying Hindu society thereby injuring the nation. The success of their mission depends on capturing Hindu strongholds from within. To this end they employ a variety of techniques. They have long followed the practice of making full use of Hindu tolerance and pluralism. These fanatics use full use of free speech, agitation, free press and assembly. They also use illegal methods, such as underground operations, terrorism, selective killing and espionage.                                                                            
 Influenced by the communist-Jihadi thought control system, several innocent Hindus have been swept in to their tight net. These Hindu victims see only the exterior or false face of communism and Jihad. They are slow in understanding the terror, injustice and slavery perpetuated by the Jihadi-communist group. Time after time in almost unbelievable fashion, these deceived pseudo secular Hindus somehow or other under the influence of thought control, do their dirty work.
How can we, as Hindus protect their religious heritage, cultural tradition, value system and society from the communist-jihadi nexus?
First, Hindus should not fall for "fronts". Second, Hindus should not allow Jihadi, communists, pseudo secularists to disarm and confuse innocent Hindus. Hindus should to be assertive, proud of their sacred heritage and learn to spot fellow travelers and isolate them.
Finally, practice Hindu rituals, preserve spiritual tradition, protect Hindu temples and promote Hindu unity. Hindus should use their political might to further the Hindu political power and Hindu way of life and not to allow Jihadis and communists to steal it from Hindus.

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