February 21, 2012

All India meeting of Samskrita Bharati

Samskrit Bharati is popularising Samskrit through Wikipedia

Samskrita Bharati is successful in uploading the Sanskrit matter of over 8 thousand articles in Wikipedia in just one year. It is the fastest developing language in terms of Wikipedia and the credit goes to Samskrit Bharati team. Samskrit Bharati has conducted workshops on Samskrit Wikipedia in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and trained many Samskrit scholars for contributing to this free world encyclopedia. Now any one can access the information about varied subjects in Samskrit language through net. This is a part of an effort to utilize modern technology for propagation of Samskrit. This was reported at an All India Meeting of Samskrit Bharati held on 11,12 Feb. in Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. 19 states of Bharat were represented in that meeting.

Samskrit Bharati launched a 'Sarala' Samskrit examination specially for school boys in 11 states this year. 79304 students of 820 schools took part in the examination. The meeting resolved to conduct Samskrit Examinations in all states of Bharat next year. Sarala & Sugama will be the two examinations for next educational year. There was a need of such examination in Bharat. Because of misconceptions, number of students in schools and colleges opting for Samskrit as one of the languages was decreasing year by year. Samskrit Bharati hopes that book prescribed for these examinations will definitely send a massage that this language is much simpler than any of the foreign languages being taught as optional subjects.

A public meeting was conducted in the auditorium of Dev Sadan, Kullu in which Shree. Chamu Krishna Shastree gave a clarion call to the nation - 'Samskritam Vyaktivikasay Rashtravaibhavaya cha.' Addressing the people of Kullu he asked not to look towards Samskrit as job oriented language - 'Samskrit is the language of Bharatiya knowledge. Without knowing Samskrit no one will have an access to the vast ocean of knowledge. No nation can prosper only on Western as well as Eastern knowledge. Those who have acquired both will be the leaders of the world. That is why many foreigners are learning Samskrit' he said. Prof. ChandKiran Salooja presided over the public meeting. Dist.Bhasha Officer conducted the function. All India President of Samskrita Bharati Dr.Chandkiran Salooja, General Secretary Dr.Nandkumar and Shree.Chamu Krishna Shastry were facilitated by the people of Kullu by presenting a traditional Kullu cap. King of Kullu and former M.P. Shree. Maheshwar Singh was present on the occasion.

On 11 Feb. All Bharat President of Samskrit Bharati Prof. Chandkiran Salooja inaugurated the meeting by igniting a lamp before Sarasvati Devi, the goddess of learning. Samskrit Bharati resolved to give thrust on spreading the work in young generation, learning for teaching and to train the new teachers next year. To speed up the process 24 residential training camps were held in all parts of Bharat in which 1686 new teachers were trained.
A special Pooja of the Local God Raghunath was performed in the presence of Rajmata.

-- श्रीश देवपुजारी
अखिल भारतीय मन्त्री
Samskrit Bharati

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