February 20, 2012

""(Baloch Diaspora) are a bunch of pathetic extremists "

"(Baloch Diaspora) are a bunch of pathetic extremists who have no understanding of the geopolitical morass into which they have been drug". -- Christine Fair

Dear Professor Christine Fair,

With all due respect, We (Baloch Diaspora) are not a bunch of pathetic extremists, nor we have been drugged, but are the voice of our people who are the victims of Pakistani and Iranian pathetic extremists for more than 60 years. Pakistan and Iran have given Balochs nothing but humiliation, torture and killings. Their simple crime is that they say "we are Baloch and we want live our lives freely with honor and dignity, and exercise our inalienable right to life, liberty and pursue of happiness freely and independently without any fear, intimidation or persecution, in our own home land Balochistan".

Dear Respected Professor,

Balochs did not created this country called Pakistan, nor they were a part of it. Balochs were FREE and Independent and were forced to join this country against their will. Let me ask you this, would you like to live with Mr. Bin Laden (if he was still alive) or Taliban leader Mullah Omar under the same roof. I'm sure your answer will be a BIG NO, then why force secular Baloch people to live with terrorists and extremists under the same roof against their will ?

Please take a look at this picture and tell me how would you feel if it was your brother? I don't understand why a prominent renowned respected scholar like you would support a terrorist State who has blood on their hands of our brave men and women in Uniform. Think of those American brave soldiers who lost their lives for defending freedom and liberty in Afghanistan and were killed by Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists and suicide bombers, trained and sent by Pakistan ISI. How would you feel if one of them were your own child or brother? Would you still supported Pakistan?

Dear Christine, Balochistan is bleeding and there passes not a single day that one mother or father loses one of their loved one. They have done nothing to deserve this kind of inhuman treatment. Their only crime is that they want to be free life like you, me or any other citizen of the world. I hope you will change you stand on Pakistan and support oppressed Balochs instead of a terrorist state.

Thanks and Best regards,

Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO-NA),
1629 K Street NW, Suit 300
Washington D.C 20036 USA
Tel: (202) 349-1682
Fax: (202) 331-3759
E-Mail: Contact@bso-na.org
Website: http://www.bso-na.org/


C, Christine Fair said...
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C, Christine Fair said...

You appear to have either deliberately or accidentally taken that quote out of context. I specifically referred to those members of the Baloch diaspora who bullied me, insulted me, and tried to intimidate me into accepting their nonsensical agenda for my testimony.

You can choose to extend my specific critique to a larger community but I am not responsible for your deliberate misconstruction of what I said. Frankly, this chicanery only furthers my point.

I also draw your attention to the well document human abuses (including targeted killings) committed by the BLA and other Baloch nationalist organizations who arrogate to themselves the right to speak for all Baloch and force their agenda on the entire province.

I should also let you know that John Solecki, who was my colleague, was hideously abducted and tortured by Baloch militants. He spent his life helping refugees. It is repugnant that freedom-loving Baloch would do such a thing. As you know, he was lucky to have survived his heinous ordeal.

C. Christine Fair

Aleem said...

North American Baloch dudes, I think you just got caned by th professor, suck it up.