February 20, 2012

BALOCHISTAN: Christine Fair on Baloch activist, Ahmar Mustikhan

--- On Sat, 2/18/12, Christine Fair wrote:

From: Christine Fair
Subject: Re: New Article - "Stick it to the Pakistanis"
To: "Eddie Walsh"
Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10:13 AM

Dear Eddie

This exchange made my morning! (A fine way to top of a breakfast of andouille sausages and grits with a prosecco mimosa.)

This same man, Ahmar Mustikhan, wrote no fewer than four articles about me which contained ad hominem attacks,half-truths and untruths while NOT once even having a conversation with me to clarify much less confirm any of his delusions. My favorite "article" is this one: http://www.examiner.com/foreign-policy-in-baltimore/prof-unfair-of-georgetown-says-balochistan-is-paki-internal-issue.

The shining gem in his crown of imbecilic antics is a series of references to my business suit as a jazzy, dressed as if I am "on a romantic date with a sweet heart, in stead of making a presentation at one of the world's most respected parliaments." He's been so insistent on this that he can't stop tweeting about it. Teen Vogue may be hiring, as one of my students suggested to him.

Not only is he a sexist and a disingenuous, untrained hack; he is also a thief. In addition to that risible sartorial comment upon my suit, he also published a photo of me in a cat costume taken for my niece as his own in a for-profit article. I do believe that is illegal appropriation of someone else's property, or, in common parlance, theft. If I were half the jackass that he is, I would pursue legal action for the entire 10 cents he owes me for theft of my property for his personal profit. (However, he has popularized my favorite set of pajamas which my niece loves and we have had many a good laugh about this. So perhaps I should thank him? And my students think they have the coolest professor on earth.)

In short: this "journalist" is at once pathetic and amusing.

My 14 year-old niece summed up the body of his work on this subject with considerable lucidity "Aunt Chris, I think he's a stalker and has a thing for you." The wisdom of children cannot be challenged.

Having an exchange with him about the proper conduct of journalistic inquiry is a bit like explaining to a pederast why he can't go near a preschool or to a zoophile why he can't go to a zoological park: an exercise in futility.

Have a fabulous day and keep exposing the hearing for what it was: a stunt to piss off the Pakistan government while pandering to a bunch of pathetic extremists who have no understanding of the geopolitical morass into which they have been drug.

I will be posting this entire exchange in Facebook should Mr. Khan which to appropriate it for a future "article."

Warmest Regards,

C. Christine Fair, PhD
Assistant Professor
Georgetown University
Security Studies Program,
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Skype: c..christine.fair
Mobile 202-460-9295
Office: 202-687-7898


Anonymous said...

I remember your quick article on the Mumbai attack by the 10 gunmen, where you "proved" that all these men were actually from India.

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