March 15, 2012

The most powerful leader of Indian slaves

• Largest democracy in which a white fake Gandhi named Sonia rules over 1 billion people after the country kicked out the foreign rule 60 years back. • A lady who may have passed high school & have worked in restaurants in London before marrying a Gandhi. • A lady who cannot speak any of the languages of the modern colony called India. • A country which is ageless & as old as civilization itself & people are generally considered intelligent? • The foreign ruler practices a different religion than 90% of the populace. • This lady cannot make a speech for 5 minutes in any language without prepared notes from party slaves. • This lady remained an Italian citizen for 18 years & then became an Indian since her husband wanted to run for the PM’s job. • This lady has looted the poor colony massive amounts of money & still continues to loot with total impunity. She has enriched all her relatives back in Italy with looted money & old antiques from India. • She took billions from Quottrochi for the Bofors gun deal & this was the first taste of blood for fake Gandhi which led to bigger mega scams. • She is a divide & rule queen & divided the country on religious fault lines for votes & ruling power. She ordered a census of Military to create a special Muslim regiment to help enemies of India. She has made reservation in Colleges, schools, Govt jobs etc for Muslims & Christians • She made millions from middle man Quotrochi during the Bofors scandal & that was like a tiger tasting the first blood. This was a pre-cursor to numerous multi-billion $ scams & corruption at every layer of Govt • This lady could be a foreign spy & abuses government machinery with total impunity. She twisted hands of CBI to allow Quottrochi to escape to Italy after he was arrested in Argentina • This lady orders around all the leaders of Congress including the PM, DogVijay & other ministers some of whom are doctorates from International Universities • These ministers fight with each other to kiss this leaders feet or any other part with absolutely no shame. Some even venerate her a Hindu white Italian Durga • This lady who is grooming her intellectually challenged son to take over as the Monarch of this modern colony. • This lady who has made corruption & mega scams standard of govt & which is slowly eating the whole fabric of the country & its unity. • This lady who is using CBI, CVC, PM, Election Commissioner, SC & HC Judges, police etc as her coolies to do her bidding & staying in power for life. • She is the most powerful leader of Indian slaves & laughing with her family as to how easy it is to rule over the bloody slaves of India. We all should be ashamed & ask What has happened to us that we cannot find any other leader from within our own country? We need another liberation struggle till we throw her & her family out & bring real independence for our country from foreign mafia rule. Kick this fake Gandhi rule from India. DOWN WITH DYNASTY !!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the pretended hindu white lady italian mafia,has all the strings attached on to the indian puppets.
She is defintely bringing shame on legacy of the Gandhis!.