April 30, 2012

Baloch leaders hail US Resolution on Balochistan

Rampant violation of human rights and continuous exploitation of the natural wealth of Balochistan by Pakistan has been taken note of by the international community. On February 8, 2012 US Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher introduced a House Concurrent Resolution, in support of the `right of self-determination of the Baloch people’, who are victims of human rights violations and oppression. The Baloch nationalist leaders believe that the US Resolution on Balochistan is the result of continuous efforts to highlight the issues concerning the Baloch people. “The U.S. resolution on Balochistan is the result of our hard work. We have convinced them and made the US Congress aware of the crisis in Balochistan. The U.S. resolution on Balochistan will benefit the entire Baloch community, not just any individual. The United States has done its research and we have also provided them evidence that made them aware that we (Balochistan) are an occupied land. Pakistan and the Punjabis have forcibly occupied our territory.” MIR SULEMAN DAUD KHAN ,Veteran Baloch Leader Balochistan that was forcibly occupied in 1948 has been resisting against Pakistan and is demanding independence. However, Pakistan army and spy agencies are carrying out operations in the region to crush the Baloch and are responsible for enforced kidnappings and killings of nationalist leaders, educated youth and other activists. The Baloch political leaders have high hopes from the international community. “Our Baloch friends in the U.S. will lobby with other Congressmen and senators in the United States. We are ready to make an alliance with forces which are ready to help us so that we create pressure for the resolution and take it to the United Nations. Let the Baloch people decide their own future. The Baloch leaders are asking for a referendum, why is the Pakistan government not ready for it. They should ask the Baloch people, and if the Baloch people are happy with Pakistan then we have no objection. But, if they ask for independence, then Pakistan must understand that it’s their fundamental right. “ MIR GHULAM HUSSAIN Information Secretary, Baloch Human Rights Council, UK The US resolution on Balochistan’s right to self-determination has raised hopes of the Baloch leaders. “ If they pass this Bill and I think this is the biggest support for us. We are hoping international community to support us and I hope international community will support us because the first step which in like the US Congress says that Balochistan was divided in three parts and in US Congress if 20 more people says the same thing the Bill will be passed and I think this is the biggest support for Balochistan and Baloch people. “ MANSOOR BALOCH Spokesperson, Baloch Republic Party, UK Even as Pakistan’s atrocities increase in Balochistan the Baloch National Movement gains momentum. The Baloch diaspora is hopeful that the international community will help Balochistan become independent.

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