April 01, 2012

Corruption in Armed Forces; Symptom of Decayed Polity and the State

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Corrupt Arms Establishment Resists Cleanup; ‘Leak’Warning on Defense Unpreparedness

Gen VK Singh refuses to bend like hispredecessors or Indian Police Generals

Decrepit Publicity Hog BC Mishra SpoutsNonsense

“Frivolous and uninformed comments should notbe made on military matters.” Army Chief Gen VK Singh

“Allegations of corruption in defensepurchases go far back. The opaque system, it may be inferred, has beendeliberately nurtured by the political leadership to provide a means ofgenerating large funds ostensibly for elections. Thus, it is not just defensepurchases but almost every aspect of state expenditure that has a fiscal tagattached, the ubiquitous bribe or “chai-paani” that anyone dealing with theIndian state octopus is more than familiar with.

“Opacity and certain furtiveness characterizethe entire Indian defense-acquisition process, and the beneficiaries ofcommissions and related incentives are spoken of in hushed tones, for they areperceived to be the true wielders of power in the Delhi durbar. This could beredressed by acknowledging the role of the middleman and, if need be, creatinga cadre of such consultants whose financial incentive — better-known as commission— would be above board and part of the effort at encouraging transparency—“ Deccan Herald


Thereis a reflex reaction among info and intellect challenged argumentative Indiansto keep military down, with a primordial fear that we might end up likePakistan and become a laughing stock .We are a laugh stock, after 2611 .Beijingcrowed that India's dream to be a major power was gone .We are still debatingthe shameful events of India's rape details (which even the courts prohibit).Why Kasab and other convicted terrorists not been hanged!

Nocorrective action yet in police and intelligence organizations. Can a repeat2611 be stopped? India has not even fully investigated the role of US‘s FBIdouble agent David Headley .Close family like RAW and even IB have becomefossil out fits .CBI is but a handmaiden of the party in power .If military isfurther interfered with, Army generals would become like Police generals, DGPset al, touching CMs feet, feeding sweets to Maya and worse.

Comingback to present day Islamic polities , the question who will be the ruler ; thesecular or the spiritual head has not been resolved, since Prophet Mohammadcombined both the offices .Look at Pakistan .In Turkey , Saudi financedIslamist AK party has weakened its military and insulted and even jailed armedforces officers including a former military chief and the secular judiciaryestablishment is being tinkered with .Under Riyadh influence ,AKP has alreadymessed up its policy in Syria .( in 1990-91 US fooled Turkey and wanted Ankara to send troops into Iraq , Turkey’s military chief resigned in protest .Ankaracame out a loser after the war ) Military also opposed joining US attackingIraq in 2003 , which many in India like one Swapan Gupta and othersadvocated .I do not know the views ofour own security experts coached and influenced by MIV , CIA and now Mossad .

InIndia , since ancient times the Brahmin /ruler governs and gets Dakhshina , themilitary fights and Baniya or arms dealers and agents make money . This is ourhistory and culture .We remain a feudal polity with medieval practices .Look atwhat various Yadava MPs have said against Gen Singh, so that the CBI sparesthem .CBI is biased and RAW is a joke as we all know, never mind Pakistan andsecurity expert B Raman with his penchant for advising presidents and PMs ofmany nations on what they should do..

It is sickening to watchinane and jejune debates on India’s trivia and celebrity obsessed channels withits shrieking, ignorance brimming arrogant and Radiia tapes compromised anchors,including some of the girls just out of schools, who perhaps wet their pantieswhen gushingly interviewing Yuri Singhor Selman Khan. Plus most party spokesmen cum lawyers ( look at the state ofthe judicial system and profession in India ) except from the left parties ,reduce serious discussions to rhetoric and pointless shouting debates forpromoting party manifestoes ( Sometimes, Karan Thapar ,righty cuts nonsensefrom participants in the middle), have as usual been joined by faithfuls andhangers on of 10 Jan path for perks of sinecures or those who long ago sold their loyalty toWall Street and have become promoters of US soft diplomacy.

One so called anchor ,a chitof a girl kept repeating ,ad nauseam obviously under instructions from corporate channel owners , for Gen VKSingh’s resignation or why he should not be dismissed .At this info andintelligence challenged low level of debate ,even the retired military officers, some sympathetic to arms dealers or inimical to honest military officers ,cringed and tried some balancing , but the behavior of some retired IFS officersand an IAS officer , parroting dictates from the corrupt establishment were reallynauseating

Ihave written enough on what I think of retired IFS officers who are propped up dailyto mouth pro Corporate and Pro US views .Former Cab Sec should not do any moredamage to IAS reputation by defending the corrupt political class. Commando GenVK Singh is one step ahead and trying to clean up the decaying corrupt systemin the army .Only a few like the “Hindu’ paper journalists , defenseexpert Rahul Bedi etc have shown some understanding of the problem.

Undera Sikh PM household, Gen JJ Singh, with support from Adarash housing societytainted Gen Deepak Kapoor, decided to make Gen Bikram Singh and Gen Suhag asfuture Army chiefs .According to S. Khuswant Singh the Jat Sikh soldiers foughtwell and valiantly but their leaders were hopeless and Sikh armies were beatenby Bengali, Bihari and Oriya sepoys led by British officers. The Sikhs were rewardedby the British for their pro-English role in the 1857 war of independence.

Decrepit Publicity Hog BCMishra Spouts Nonsense

Now former National Security Advisor,a decrepit Brajesh Mishra has been brought out of the dead cobwebs .He told KaranThapar on TV that he held both the minister and the general responsible for nottaking action on the bribery allegation but wanted Gen V K Singh to be sent onforced leave.

"My view is that boththe minister and the Army chief are responsible for not taking action," hesaid commenting on the allegations by Gen Singh that he was offered a bribe ofRs 14 crore for clearing a contract for trucks and had informed the DefenseMinister about it.

Asked whether the army chief should be sacked or sent on compulsory leave,Mishra told Karan Thapar on the Devil's Advocate programme that "If he issacked, then something more may happen. If he is sent on compulsory leave, heis not being sacked. He should be told that enjoy your two months vacation withgovernment salary and then take pension and go home."

How very considerate buttrite of Mishraji .A former Indian diplomat Mishra was removed in 1980 asIndian Envoy from his New York post for not following the policy on Afghanistanof the newly elected Indira Gandhi govt in1980.He was adopted by Washington and given a cushy job in UN .

Son of formidable seniorCongress leader late DP Mishra , Brajesh soon came close to AB Vajpayee andbecame his evening companion. Power and publicity hungry, he was NationalSecurity Advisor and defacto PM as Principal Sec to PM Vajpayee .He tried torun MEA too. He was stopped from hogging publicity by his detractors in BJP. Thejob of Principal Sec to PM is rightfully for a senior IAS officer .An expert onmultilateral diplomacy i.e. fighting over commas and full stops, Mishra hadlittle experience or expertise in administration and finance .IAS officers inPMO ran circles around him, enriching themselves and letting their friends and patrons,India’s emerging robber barons loot the exchequer .This was later described asIndia Shining era. The BJP was ousted from power .How the corporate robberbarons thrived when Mishra was de facto PM needs investigation and a serious casestudy. But similar policies have continued.

Karan Thapar’s TV interview was a trite .It was pathetic and unbecomingperformance by Mishraji brought out from the cobwebs to tarnish an upright andhonest Army chief.

Sometime ago Mishra hadrightly opposed the Indo-US Nuclear agreement , from which India has gainedlittle and lost very much .But Mishra soon changed sides merely to remain inlimelight and be on the US high table (dinner !).

I am disappointed that anchorKaran Thapar has changed sides .He should know how his own father the Army Chiefwas humiliated and removed for mistakes committed by those appointed to senior commandposts by interfering and scheming politicians and self serving civil servants.

The drama will continue .Watchthis space.

Amb(Retd) K.Gajendra SinghApril 2, 2012.

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