April 30, 2012

The starving Baloch nation on rich land


 Baloch are facing their worst economicconditions today, old time's life was simple few goats and small plot of landwas enough to survive, families were small and the weak one would die naturaldeath. Modern age has become some kind of curse for most who strive to makeends meet while few can enjoy its fruits. Baloch are discriminated against everywherein Iran Afghanistan and most worst in Pakistan, young people cannot get jobs,education system is in its worst form in Balochistan. First of all there are noproper schools and colleges university education is big luxury in Balochistanwhere only lucky few get admission that also after bribes and payments and thenteaching system is almost broken no control of attendance constant strikes andprotests due to war like situations in Balochistan and then the governmentpolicy of allowing to cheat in exams has proved to be the last nail in thecoffin for students in job market where they face tough competitions from jobseekers from Punjab and other provinces leaving Baloch youth in limbo.

 I receive constant plea from Baloch youth forhelp getting a job. They might not know that I who was the only person holdinga PhD degree in rare field of allergies and immunology could not get job inPakistan because of anti-Baloch attitude there. In spite of the fact that Ipassed my exams in PMDC and worked for 3 months in JPMC hospital where theyoffered me to open new department as it was need of the hour, similar requestscame from PIMS in Islamabad but health ministry in 1998 said Balochistan has noseats so Mr. Marri should not waste his time here, during exams in PMDC theexamination commission told me it is waste of time to apply for job here bettergo back to Russia, here either you must pay 1 crore rupees or health minsterhimself must appoint you, if that was the situation for Moscow state universitydegree holder what one should expect one having a degree from Khuzdaruniversity or Bolan. Since that day I told myself I will apply for a job onlyin my own independent Balochistan never in Pakistan.

 Baloch are discriminated daily andeverywhere, Government keeps lying with their packages and empty promises withBaloch, no Baloch gets a job without buying it, today in Sui city most Bugtiengineer are sitting jobless all the jobs are taken by people from Punjab andSindh, Baloch are simply refused jobs. It is an established policy to expelBaloch from their homes, all those who have some knowledge must go to Gulf andother countries for small jobs and leave the area for them to do what theywant, those left will not give questions to Government plunder and looting ofBaloch resources.

 Baloch have no future in Pakistan and Iranif they are to survive as a free nation they must know how to compete in everyfield, under occupation and constant suppression they will never rise up asnation and will lose their identity and country for ever and become Red Indianand even worse slaves.

 Today Baloch still live primitive livesunder open skies they have no shelters, no safe drinking water, no sources ofcommunications like roads, electricity, telephones, internet, health facilitieslike dispensaries, policlinic, and hospitals, education is in ruins no schools,no colleges and universities, joblessness is 90% traditional economy does notmatch the new ages, with massive inflations people have nowhere to turn forhelp but only Allah….

 Along with these problems Baloch peopletoday suffer intensive army repression, Balochistan today becoming aninternational theater for the upcoming international political economic andmilitary games, the future great games will be played on Baloch soil, with herimmense resources it is more curse then blessing, unless Baloch get unitedtheir future looks bleak as ever.

 Government wants to deprive Baloch a livingso that they do not stand against their crimes. A hungry person is busy seekingfood and he has no time for politics and his rights. It wants to keep theBaloch youth busy in constant struggle for survival and just keep them hand to mouth.The Baloch people should understand the gravity of situation and unite aswithout unity the enemy cannot be defeated.

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