April 14, 2012

Strategic Trends 2012

Strategic Trends 2012

Key Developments in Global Affairs

Author(s): Myriam Dunn Cavelty, Jonas Grätz, An Jacobs, Prem Mahadevan, Daniel Möckli

Editor(s): Daniel Möckli

Series Editor(s): Andreas Wenger

Series: Strategic Trends

Publisher(s): Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich

Publication Year: 2012

Publication Place: Zurich

Strategic Trends 2012 is the third issue of the Strategic Trends series. It contains a brief overview as well as chapters on China's uncertain peaceful rise, the strategic weakening of debt-ridden Europe, the persistence of armed conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, the geopolitical significance of unconventional oil and gas resources, and the militarization of cyber security.


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