April 10, 2012

Temple official kidnapped in Pakistan

Anita Joshua


The chairman of the Hinglaj Mata temple in Balochistan was kidnapped from the Lasbela area of Balochistan on Friday; just a couple of days ahead of the annual pilgrimage to this cave structure devoted to goddess Sati.

Members of the Hindu community protested outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday alleging that the kidnapping of Maharaj Ganga Ram Motiyani was a conspiracy. The community has threatened to stage a sit-in on the Coastal Highway on Tuesday when the pilgrims will be returning from the four-day pilgrimage.

Community leaders say the chairman was kidnapped to sabotage the pilgrimage which attracts devotees from various parts of the world. Kidnapping for ransom is being ruled out by the community as Mr. Motiyani is not a rich man.

As per Hindu mythology, Hinglaj is where Sati's head fell after Vishnu cut up her body into 50 pieces with his chakra (disc). Annually Hindus flock to the cave temple in this remote part of Balochistan for this festival in April

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