April 03, 2012

Unfair Criticism Of Khan of Kalat

SHABIR AHMED asmaaan208@yahoo.co.uk

The Khan of Kalat is being unfairly criticised in some quarters . So far he has been open and honest and kept to his word. The Khan of Kalat has always maintained that he will do whatever is better for the Baloch Nation. Whatever mistakes that were made in past by previous Khan's of Kalat are in the past now . The majority of the Baloch Nation now are of a new generation with a different mind set . We should give our support , and at the same time make sure that no more mistakes are made.The Baloch Nation is now at a important crossroad . Thanks to the Khan of Kalat's efforts and other members of the Baloch Nation in the USA, the profile of Balochistan has been raised and pushed to the forefront . That in itself is a major achievment ! Kind Regards

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Anonymous said...

No body is criticizing Khan Kalat, but we are just narrating the facts. I Know they can be bitter some time but they can not be changed, hidden or disrtorted. Let me ask you this;

1. Isn't this a fact that Khan Kalat's son was sitting with the butcher of Balochistan, FC Core Commander General Alam Khattak , who has blood of hundred of Baloch youths, hoisting Paki flag with him, cleberating Pakistan day over the dead bodies of Balochs.

2. Isn't Khan Kalat's entire family is against him and don't trust or support him on his so called "Call for indpendence"? (If your son and close family memeber don't trsut or support you then there seems to be big problem, unless Khan Kalat is palying double game, which seems likely is the case).

3. Didn't Khan Kalat's grand father Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan sold Balochistan to Pakistan by signing the document of Accession (Document of death warrant of millions of Balochs) with Mohmmad Ali Jinnah against the Baloch will (despite both upper and lower Baloch houses voted unanimously against the merger), claiming that he did it because he was ordered by Prophet Mohmmad to do so in his dream. (If Prophet Muhammad was so in love with Pakistan, why didn't he ask Saudi King and other Muslim rulers of Islamic countries to join Pakistan too?)

4. didn't Khan Kalat's grand father Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan weighed Qaid Azum Mohamad Ali Jinnah and his sister into Golds and Silvers and give it to them as gift where the ordinary Baloch slept in hunger with empty stomach.

5. Didn't Khan Kalat sold the most attractive part of Balochistan, Quetta district and adjoining territories, to the British government in 1883 for an annual grant of Rs. 25000 and non of the money received was used for the welfare of ordinary Baloch people, or built any Road, Hospital or School for ordinary Balochs, but was pocketed and was used to build palaces for themselves.

6. Didn't Khan Kalat sold Gwadar to Taimur Sultan of Oman in 1783.

7. Recently Khan Kalat sold a piece of priceless diamond-studded Baloch crown and a centuries old carpet of Kalat palace, that belonged to Baloch National heritage, to multi millions dollars in Dubai and bought himself a nice home in Cardiff, U.K for cash, instead of using money to take Balochistan's case to the ICJ as he was supposed to do so.

8. The lust of selling Baloch land and resources continue as the current Khan Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Ahmadzai is joining hands with Afghanistan’s Northen Alliance Warlords to sell the Balochistan’s natural wealth and Gwadar port to higher bidder such as UNOCAL and other oil and gas giant companies in exchange for to re-establish his monarchy (Khanate) with the help of some Iranian thugs, Savak agents and Jundullah terrorists. He is shouting loudly slogans of Azadee (Freedom) from London, while his son sits on the lap of Core commander, shouting "Pakistan Zindabad" and waving Paki flags over the bullet riddled dead bodies of Baloch people. What a cruel Joke with Baloch nation??

(A Baloch Patriot)