May 12, 2012

BALOCHISTAN: The fourth annual Oslo freedom forum

The fourth annual Oslo freedom forum has come to the close on 9th may. The Khan of Kalat Mir suleman Ahmedzai and Mehrab Sarjov were invited as guests to the Oslo freedom forum.

The Oslo freedom forum is a rare occasion where human rights activists, Medias, the opposition leaders, ex-president, ambassadors',   inventors and men with ideas meet and discuss and exchange ideas. 

Among the different discussions from human trafficking, slavery, ethnic genocide, suppression of women in the name of culture were states control and censorship. The khan and his team among many discussions have points out to dignitaries and media representative that Pakistani and Iranian media have demonized and twisted the truth about the Baluch nation. The khan of kalat expressed opinion that the organiser committee to invite more Baluch from different walks of life to participate and the Baluch voices should be heard.

The khan of Kalat pointed out on many diner discussions organised by the Oslo freedom forum for the purpose of groups and individual debates on the range of issues that the Baluch are secular and civilised people capable of managing their own country. The Baluch are able to hold elections and accept results from these elections and the Baluch care for the democracy, government elected by the people for the people and rule of law.

 The khan of kalat suleman Ahmedzai has requested the award wining actress Julia Ormond the founder and president of Asset Alliance to stop slavery and human trafficking to be a good well ambassador of Baluch nation in Hollywood and convey the message of peace, security, individual freedom from the Baluch to the world. The actress said she would consider it positively.

 The khan of kalat and delegation have befitted greatly from Dr. M.Hussanbor advises and thankful to his tireless effort

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