May 14, 2012

Hilary Clinton Spins on HafizSaeed to Fawning Indians 


US leaders carry on merrily withinane debates for the year end Presidential elections, both aspirants beholdento banksters and financiers, as if nothing has changed even after the illegal invasionof Iraq and ill thought bombing of Afghanistan and putting its troops in thegrave yard of empires.  .UnwittinglyWashington has only succeeded in installing a pro-Tehran regime in Baghdad and strengthenedIran's influence in the region .By encouraging Saudi Arabia and Turkey topromote   the civil war in Syria, Washington is stirringup an avalanche which will have far reaching adverse outcome for it and itsallies Riyadh and Ankara .Most US led western nations barring perhaps Germanyare more or less bankrupt with the wealth of its own citizens transferred to aminiscule ruling oligopoly.


Indian media specially theindolent and mostly corporate owned trivia obsessed TV channels devoted most oftheir time to a jaded Hillary Clinton visit .TV channels treated her like QueenVictoria visiting in Raj era .Telegraph,Kolkata and Hindudid a somewhat sober job on the visit.


Queen Hillary , frustrated inher ambitions for the White House throne and even World Bank head job lovesbeing adored in India .While in India , she indulged in some spins and lies onterrorism . Pakistan suffers from terrorism because of the monster of Jihadistand other terror groups created of its own volition and at the behest ofpaymasters in Washington and Riyadh with CIA and ISI etc providing training andpetrodollars to create nurseries of terrorism to bedevil South West and centralAsia, beginning in early 1980s. Most Pak parties and power brokers are financedand controlled by Saudi Arabia, whose thousands of Princes are kept in luxuryand security by USA (why never ever any attempt at regime change in Riyadh)


So India became and remains avictim of terrorism created with help and advice from Washington .For Pakistanit is a state policy against while and Anglo-Saxons look on satisfied since itkeeps Indian down. To make it worse Washington has given billions of dollarsaid annually to Pakistan to match India and keep India confined to south Asia.It suits China too  .Some strategicfriend India has in Washington. A report submitted to the US Congress assertedthat the terrorist's attention has been successfully diverted towards India.

 Thank you America.


Now more on our friendWashington .David Headley , FBI and ISI double agent played a major role in2611 rape of Mumbai , doing immense economic harm and incalculable damage toIndian standing as a nation which cannot even provide security to its citizens .Washingtondid not alert India of Headley's visit which took place after the 2611 rape hadtaken place , in spite of Headley's wife warning  US agents about her husband being up tomischief .Many believe that US allowed 2611 to happen to re-ignite tensionsbetween India and Pakistan, since under President Musharraf some progress hadbeen achieved in resolving problems between the two countries .The post 2611events explain this clearly to anyone with some brains .


Yes, a case against ISI hasbeen filed in a US Court for the six Americans killed during 2611 rampage .Wouldany Indian lawyer with any guts and sense of patriotism file a case against FBIfor 2611 destruction and loss of life and be allowed to cross examine Headleyin Indian courts . Indians were insensitive enough to let President Obamaaddress and pontificate from Taj Hotel in Mumbai, the venue of a strategicfailure and everlasting insult to Indian standing .The chief Minister and Homeminister of the state of Maharashtra where Mumbai is located were forced to resign,but they are soon back into power .For politicians there is little accountabilityin India.


It waslike President Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan had gone to the site of thedestroyed Trade Towers and made a speech about the resilience and courage ofNew Yorkers .How would US and its people would have taken such a sermon .Afterall the hijackers/terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia, were trained andfinanced by those who were either Pakistanis or were their guests and comradesof the Jihad against USSR in Afghanistan in 1980s. The Al Qaida and its host Talibanwere created by Pakistan ISI and financed by Washington, Riyadh and others,mostly Muslim countries .Just before 911 Taliban were having discussions with UNOCAL,a US oil company for allowing use of Afghanistan territory for laying energypipelines from central Asia to south Asia.


Read "Taj Hotel,Mumbai; a Symbol of India's Impotence and Humiliation "


Hillary went beyond usual spinin India  


While talking about Hafiz Saeed . who was the master mind of2611 in which166 people including six Americans were killed ,Hillary admittedthat recently she "authorized a 10 million dollar award for one of the peoplewe believe was the mastermind of the attack in Mumbai-- we want everybodyassociated with this brought to justice. It may take longer than any one of uswould like but we are going to be standing with you to make that happen—"


 She was told thatthere was some confusion, since initially it was announced as a bounty on hishead, then it turned out to be reward on the information that leads to hisarrest or conviction, It was pointed out that India had handed over dossierafter dossier and all the information that was needed Why this coyness thatthere wasn't enough information?


Clinton replied," No, but we are saying thisis the way our system works. I mean that's what these rewards are; they arerewards for information that can lead to bringing somebody to justice. We arewell aware that there have not yet been steps taken by Pakistani government todo what both India and WE have repeatedly requested that they do. And we aregoing to keep pushing that point. So it's a way of raising the visibility andpointing out to those who are associated with them that there is a cost forthat and it's a cost that they themselves will have to bear going forward"


WhileClinton in New Delhi assured gullible Indians that United States held Saeedresponsible for the 26/11 Mumbai carnage and announced that the US was preparedto work with India to bring the JuD amir to justice, USambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter's allegedly met with one of the USFederal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted men – the very same Jamaat-ul-Daawa(JuD) Amir Professor Hafiz Mohammad Saeed .This was claimed by areputed Pakistani journalist Amir Mir in Asia Times recently .So in spite ofeverything ,US officials like its ambassador were meeting Hafiz Saeed .Sincethe news of the contacts was no longer a secret , the ambassador would bequitting his Islamabad post prematurely.


According to Amir Mir ,well-placed diplomatic officials in Islamabad  claimed that Munter's decision because ofbehind-the-scenes developments that took place in Pakistan" following the April1, 2012, decision of the Barack Obama administration to put a price of US$10million on information and evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of theJuD's Saeed.


Saeed is also the founder ofthe pro-Kashmir proscribed jihadi organization Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT). Thebounty was announced for his alleged role in the Mumbai attacks.  Just hours after the US State Departmentannounced the bounty, Saeed appeared on Pakistan's Geo TV and declared that hewas a free man - living in Pakistan - and was ready to speak with US officialsat any time. "

Mir adds "While some high-ups in the Pakistani Foreign Office claim that Munterhas taken the decision to quit on his own for not being kept in the loop by theUS State Department, there are those in diplomatic circles who maintain thatthe envoy is being made to resign by his seniors because of his seemingly softline over Saeed's bounty issue, which has not gone down well with the Obamaadministration. –"


The cause of Munter's removalis said to be his clandestine meeting with Saeed which took place in Islamabadalmost a month ago, after the announcement of the bounty. It is said thatthe meeting was to remove misunderstandings created by the bounty which hadmade Hafiz to step up his anti-US public utterances even laughing off theAmerican action against him.  Saeed is reported to provide solid evidenceto the US envoy that he had no links to the Mumbai rape. Munter then sent afull report to the Washington on Saeed's claims, but the State Departmentreportedly told Munter that it would not honour any assurances given toHafiz.

It may be recalled that after the bounty announcement, Saeed addressed a pressconference in Rawalpindi on April 4 and dared the US to carry out a militaryraid against him like the one that allegedly killed al-Qaeda leader Osama binLaden in Abbottabad a year ago.



 In essence India's strategic relationship withUSA amounts to our playing poodles and our interests just sacrificial pawns .Sinceearliest times barring a few gaps, Indian rulers have failed to provide evenbasic security to its subjects .It holds true even now .Washington wants Delhito trim its objectives to suit the former's ploys and policies in the region.If India suffers, pity it is only collateral damage for which no recompense isthere.


Asregards Iran, again, India must follow US dictates, whatever the harm toDelhi's economic and strategic interests. It is a matter of time beforeWashington tries to reconcile with Tehran when it has to fully vacate itsaggressions on Afghanistan and Iraq.

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