May 14, 2012

Human rights violations in Balochistan condemned

Peter Tatchell, a London-based human rights activist  slammed Pakistan  army and the spy agencies for gross human rights abuses in Balochistan.

Tatchell supports Baloch right to self-determination and  has been protesting against enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings  and torture of Baloch political and nationalist activists, students,  journalists, women and children.

He, along with other major human rights organizations,  has condemned violations of human rights in Balochistan.

" All  the major human rights organizations agree that there are widespread and  gross human rights abuses in Balochistan and they are being perpetrated  either directly by the Pakistan  military or intelligence agencies or with the connivance. In other words  these agencies are turning a blind eye to the activities of discords and hundreds  of Baloch nationalists have been assassinated and murdered in their homes, in  the streets and markets and hardly any of the perpetrators have ever been  brought to justice. "PETER TATCHELL DIRECTOR, PETER  TATCHELL FOUNDATION & HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST .

Many analysts like Antoine Levesques, at London-based  International Institute for Strategic Studies, also denounce the growing  atrocities against the Baloch people by Pakistani agencies.

" There  have been serious allegations of human rights violations in Balochistan.  Several organizations and agencies inside and outside Pakistan have  backed those claims." ANTOINE LEVESQUES RESEARCH ANALYST, SOUTH ASIA PROGRAMME, IISS 

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons claims that over  14,000 Baloch persons are missing and more than 400 bullets riddled, tortured  and mutilated corpses have been found so far.

Relatives of Baloch missing persons have been protesting  for the release of their loved ones, while the Pakistan government and its  judiciary act as mere spectators.

However, the Pakistan army is not sparing any  attempt to target the Baloch people.

They have even extended their operation to Karachi's Lyari, an area  dominated by the Baloch people.

The Baloch political and nationalist activists condemn  the attempts of Pakistani forces to crush Baloch identity.

" There  are mass graves insides Balochistan. When you talk about human rights abuses,  somebody being tortured and so on – these are minor issues to us when you  have mass graves. And, those mass graves to be dig out. And evidence exists  when dead bodies are found in wilderness. It is reported by their own media who  is doing this… The Baloch are not doing it.  " says TARIQ BALOCH a Baloch Activist

The international community is taking notice as Pakistan  intensifies its `dirty war' against the Baloch people.

Today the U.S. Congress is calling for the Baloch right  to self-determination, and the day is not far when the entire world will do  so

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