June 29, 2012

BMW crash case: Supporters plan another candlelight vigil on July 7

Aditya Dev, TNN | Jun 29, 2012, 02.32AM IST

GURGAON: Seeking justice for BMW accident victim Kshama Chopra Shetye, the Facebook group — Justice for Kshama and Shailesh Shetye — has planned another candlelight vigil on July 7. Earlier, the same group had organized candlelight vigils in Gurgaon on May 17 and in Goa on May 19. 

Through a recent Facebook post, the group has sought answers on several "unanswered" aspects into the case — status of investigation, result of the DNA test and what authorities are doing about the driver not submitting his driving licence. 

The post states, "It's over 50 days now and we have before us several unanswered questions... We are also looking to connect with victims of similar cases who continue to fight for justice. We hope this (vigil) will help us achieve the two causes — justice for the victims and greater awareness and stronger laws which will act as deterrents against rash driving." 

The group further stated, "We also hope this incident will be an eye opener for the authorities for enactment of stricter laws against rash driving. More importantly, we also hope that people drive responsibly, realizing the extent of irreparable damage that can be done, it reads. Since the launch of Facebook group two months back, over 33,000 members have joined it showing their support. 

While the next hearing is fixed for the August 1, the charge sheet is currently under preparation. Hence, we are planning another vigil where we want to put forth these vital questions before the authorities and ensure that the investigation is carried out in a totally fair, transparent and prompt manner, wrote Boris Gonsalves, the author of the post.
This accident also took away Indigo car driver Sanjay Gulati, the sole earning member of his family and he is survived by wife and school going son.

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