July 15, 2012

COMMENT: On US-India Dialogue by G.Parthasarathy

   Teressita and Howard Schaffer are right ( Expanding strategic partnership http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article3569955.ece )  . The US-India Dialogue today is more wide ranging and productive than ever before.
          There are areas of differences like western sponsored "regime change"" in the Middle East and on Iran. But there  are far larger areas of complementarity than ever before. While there is a huge focus of media attention on differences, the complementarities get forgotten. Addded to this is the belief in influential sections of our political elite that being seen to be too close to the US will have some negative fall out on sections of our electorate.There is similarly, still a residual, but not insignificant anti-Indian lobby in the US.
        I noticed the change in US attitudes two months ago in Washington, when as a Member of the Aspen Strategy Group, of  I had occasion to meet with NSA Donilon, General Dempsey and the Deputy Secretaries of State, Homeland Security and Defence.The Americans now understand that while India can be a useful partner it will not be an "ally". This is an understanding on which a realistic relationship can be built.
G Parthasarathy

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