July 31, 2012

End colonial rule in Balochistan: Khan of Kalat

Khanete of Kalat was a princely state located in the territory known as Balochistan today. It was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1948.

Mir Suleman Daud, the 35th leader of the defunct Kalat Royal Family, lives in exile in London following threats by Pakistani forces.

He is now fighting for the sovereignty of the Baloch nation.

"As far as negotiations with Pakistan are concerned we want third party intervention to resolve the issue, as we are an occupied territory. The issue is different from that of Kashmir. We were forcefully occupied (by Pakistan). This is the ground reality. In Balochistan we have a fort every 30 miles, from where the region was ruled. But, you will not find anything like this in Pakistan. This is evidence that Pakistan has colonized us. And, with the grace of god, we will soon be free from this colonization." says KHAN OF KALAT MIR SULEMAN DAWOOD

Though Balochistan has been facing problems for decades, the situation took a turn for the worse in 2005.

Pakistan forces are brutally suppressing the people of Balochistan, targeting the educated youth, political leaders and activists.

Cases of enforced disappearances are common, and everyday mutilated and bullet-riddled bodies of abducted Baloch people are found.

Mir Suleman Daud says the Baloch have no choice but to fight back.
"They (Pakistani spy agencies) are abducting our educated youth, torturing them and dumping their bullet-riddled and mutilated bodies in isolated places. We have no choice. We are doing this to protect ourselves. We have not occupied anyone’s territory and have no intention of doing so. But, if they (Pakistan) continue to carry out atrocities against us, then, Punjab (province) will have to face the consequences." says KHAN OF KALAT MIR SULEMAN DAWOOD

The rising Chinese presence in Balochistan –civil and military – is criticised by the Baloch people.

The Khan of Kalat calls it a conspiracy of Punjabis, who have traditionally dominated the polity in Pakistan.

"The bilateral ties between Pakistan and China are improving significantly in terms of defence and nuclear capabilities and business.  But, as far as Balochistan is concerned we do not want anyone to come here with the help of Punjabis (people of Punjab province)." says KHAN OF KALAT MIR SULEMAN DAWOOD

The Baloch leader is confident that Balochistan has enough resources and manpower to survive as an independent nation.

"When East Timor can survive, South Sudan can survive and countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Oman can survive, then Balochistan can also survive as a country." says KHAN OF KALAT MIR SULEMAN DAWOOD

The Khan of Kalat is part of the Baloch national movement, which has gained momentum in recent years.

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Anonymous said...

Khan Kalat must first disassociate himself from the Iranian Jundullah terrorists and SAVAK agents and then explain why his son was sitting with Baloch killer Paki military core commander, celebrating with him the Pakistan day. Until then he can shout for freedom all he wants but no one will pay any attention to his shouting.