September 30, 2012

Baloch must use all means of struggle to save and secure Balochistan.

Dr.Wahid Baloch

September 30, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C: Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) and the President of Balochistan National Congress (BNC), Washington D.C Chapter, welcomed Sardar Akhatar Jan Mengal's wise decision to return to Balochistan, even if it is a part of deal, as many claims."I think it is better for Akhat Jan Mengal and all other Baloch leaders to return to Balochistan and be among their own people to lead and organizes them instead of being apart from them, non-functional in exile. Those who are making Akhatar Jan Mengal's return a big deal and are in hue and cry, are less worried about Balochistan or Baloch missing persons and more worried about their political and personal vendetta", said Dr. Wahid Baloch.

"In order to save and secure Balochistan, Baloch must use all means of struggle, including the parliamentary as well as armed struggle and diplomatic channels to promote the Baloch national cause for freedom and justice", he said. 

"The Baloch National struggle consists of three components", he elaborated. "The Sramachaars, the Parliamentarian and the Diaspora groups. All these three components are important and they should work in unison and cooperate fully with each others for a greater common cause".

"The Sarmachaars (The Freedom Fighters)  should use the latest techniques of modern guerrilla warfare to defend the motherland and  take their war to the occupying enemy forces to drive them out from Balochistan and in the meantime avoid killing non-combatant Baloch and non- Baloch innocent citizens at all cost", he explained. 

"The Parliamentarian should use all peaceful non-violent means of struggle to organize, educate and politically mobilize the Baloch masses to take control of assemblies to serve the Baloch nation, secure Baloch rights and prevent the ISI agents, opportunists, drug dealers and JUI extremists to take over the assemblies and represent themselves as the "elected Baloch leaders", to cause more damage to Baloch people. Assemblies, though powerless or rubber stamped' can and should be used as tools to counter the ISI games of politically marginalizing and alienating the Baloch people and to continue their looting and plundering of Baloch resources through their dummy agents. All the parliamentarian should work in unity to promote the Genuine Baloch demands within the federation", he continued. 

"The Baloch Diaspora groups, should unite under one platform or at-least under one unity umbrella group, such as "Baloch Diaspora Unity", to use all available resources, diplomatic channels and peaceful means of struggle to promote the Baloch National struggle for freedom and  re-unification of Balochistan on an International stage. There should be no room for leg pulling, countering each other, egoism or backbiting. Attitudes like "Munn Nakoshta Hillar Nainth" should be discouraged and instead, mutual respect, accommodation, tolerance, understanding, recognition and appreciation among Baloch should be encouraged, promoted and fully supported". he stressed.

He said," Balochistan is going though its critical time in its history and  the only way it can be saved and secured is by joining hands together instead of opposing each-other or putting each-other down".

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