September 14, 2012

Baloch Voice Foundation to hold conference in Geneva

Press Release Baloch Voice Foundation.
21st Human Rights Council Session
UNO, Geneva

On the Occasion of the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council at the UNO, Geneva, the President of Baloch Voice Foundation Mr. Munir Mengal said that the Baloch leadership was concerned that the Pakistan state would make it difficult for the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) to collect information from the ground to prepare its report on the cases of enforced disappearances in Balochistan, even if it allows them visit to Pakistan.

Pakistan is a member state of UNO; hence, it has got a special responsibility to facilitate the visit of WGEID members to get access to the aggrieved people in Balochistan— particularly the civil society representatives, i.e., lawyers, political and human rights activists, and family members of the disappeared persons.

As per the information we are receiving from the ground, the Pakistani state is playing its old familiar tactics of stopping the aggrieved families from meeting the visiting WGEID members, while granting them full access in principle.

The UNO body has the mandate to hold the state, and the state organs responsible for enforced disappearances.

Various reports in the media, reports of various human rights organizations, statements given by family members of the missing persons, court documents, have pointed their fingers at the state secret services and the notorious Federal Constabulary (FC), which are involved in the disappearance of the Baloch people. They forcibly take away Baloch people, subject them to worst kind of torture, kill them and throw their mutilated dead bodies on the streets.

The Baloch people, and particularly the families of the disappeared persons do have tremendous hope and confidence in the UN body and hope that it would play an effective role on the issue enforced disappearances. It is also the responsibility of the eminent world body to ensure the safe release of the people under illegal custody of the security forces and to bring the offenders to justice.

While speaking to the members of the UN bodies and NGO representatives, MunirMengal urged that particularly, the UN and its bodies should take special notice of Pakistan state's efforts to  stop the Baloch civil society members and aggrieved families from meeting with the GEID members. They must plan their visits well and get in touch with Baloch leaders on the ground to ensure effective interaction on the ground, which will enrich their report and help them serve the trust in an unbiased manner.

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