October 01, 2012


China's growing ties with Pakistan are creating problems for the people of Balochistan.
Both China and Pakistan are looking at their own economic and national security interests while keeping Balochistan on the edge of a sword.
China has provided financial assistance of 220 million USD to build a deep-sea port at Gwadar in Balochistan.
Now, China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd (CHEC), a state owned company, will take over the Gwadar Port from Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) to convert it into an oil pipeline hub to augment its energy supplies from the Gulf.
China will invest a further 10 billion USD to develop the port and manage its operations.
Baloch political leaders, unhappy with growing interference by China in Balochistan, have warned the Chinese to stay away from their territory and its resources.
"Baloch political parties have already issued statements and warned the foreign companies, including the Chinese, that those willing to work in Balochistan should not enter without the permission of the Baloch people. If they do so, they will not be successful. Despite our repeated warnings, China is expanding its presence in Balochistan with the help of Pakistan. It's not only Gwadar Port; China is also involved in oil & gas exploration in Balochistan. This is intolerable." said NAWAB BRAHAMDAGH KHAN BUGTI,LEADER, BALOCH REPUBLICAN PARTY
Pakistan and China's strategic designs on Balochistan have been well exposed.
To protect Chinese interests in Balochistan, Pakistan is violating human rights in the region with impunity.
Thousands of Baloch political leaders and intellectuals have gone missing and many of them were found dead in isolated places.
Baloch political activists believe that China is providing assistance to Pakistan to fulfill its strategic interest in Balochistan.
"The Chinese have very quietly built a bridge where they can line up million tanks down the line, if they have no body to stop them. And, the Chinese have given Pakistan nuclear weapons. China has invested a quite a lot in Pakistan and has built the Gwadar port. Whoever controls Gwadar port controls Balochistan. This is a war of super powers. On one hand we have the USA, and the other hand we have China and its allies." said TARIQ BALOCH, BALOCH NATIONALIST LEADER
The growing presence of China in Balochistan, a region under forceful occupation of Pakistan, has rubbed salt in the wounds of the Baloch people.
The people lead a miserable life in the resource rich region which lacks basic infrastructure, and has virtually no healthcare or education facilities.
The Baloch are now fighting a "war of survival" for the right to self-determination and a sovereign country.

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