October 04, 2012


Written by --- Munir Mengal, France.

“The illiterate of the 20th Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Allvin Toffler

Initially it was stated by the BNP spokes person Sana Baloch and then also endorsed by the BNP President  that "I am in Islamabad only to submit my statement to the supreme court of Pakistan regarding the missing persons issue" said Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal to the media in Islamabad.

Then within the next 48hrs a bang of six points was heard by the Akhtar Mengal by utilizing the media forums as way head for the resolution of the Balochistan issue. The rest of the three days were utilized by Akhtar Mengal and team for gaining political support from the main stream political parties of Pakistan i. e. Muslim league-Nawaz and Tahreek Insaf Imran Khan.

Before moving forward, it is highly important to have a brief view of the issues which forced Pakistan to drag down Akhtar Mengal to Islamabad.

Pakistan Army with its secret services wings, F.C., and dummy Armed organization neither been able to break the will of the Baloch people, nor been able to bring a succeeding distortion among the Baloch struggling groups.

The safe escape of Brahimdagh Bughti from Afghanistan to Switzerland highly demoralized the will of the Pakistani establishment.

The change of regime is expected to take place within the following six months, giving a good reason to both parties, i. e. Pakistan and BNP to look for new opportunities.

The Pakistan Army and the law enforcement agencies are highly under pressure from the Baloch insurgency, almost it had became impossible for them to eliminate the Baloch insurgents by military operations, on the contrary been accused for high levels of human rights violations in Balochistan even at International forums.

The US Congressional hearing about Balochistan also created a high panic in the Pakistani strategic thinkers’ corridors.

Then the visit of UN Body Working Group on Involuntarily / Enforced Disappearances less than the lapse of a period of four months rang a bang in the years of Pakistani establishment and related authorities announced it as interference in internal and judiciary issues.

The striking fear hanging on the heads of the Pakistani diplomats is the coming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Pakistan in the Human Rights Council on 30th October 2012.

The unprecedented US strategic policy after 2014 towards South Asia, a change of policy is expected, which has already posed a fear in the Pakistani strategic decision makers. Pakistani establishment has already started consolidating its assets, i.e. negotiations with Talibans, taking CBM measures with old Jehadi groups, etc.

In late 2011, the Pakistani strategic policy makers started to think it is right time to play the Balochistan card. They are trying to shift the move systematically, initially motivated the Punjab feudal politician on the plate form of friends of Balochistan and then the Supreme Court Bar was also seen organizing conferences for submitting proposals for the resolution of the Balochistan issue.

It hardly took Islamabad two months engagement at Dubai and Qatar to celebrate cheers with Akhtar Mengal in Islamabad. But highly tactful diplomacy was played. Neither the establishment nor the political regime took any responsibility or promise on his shoulders for resolving any issue of Balochistan. The ball was rolled between Ifthikhar Chaudary and Akhtar Mengal. After getting the response of establishment, which was very negative. Soon Akhtar realized that he has been trapped. He started presenting a six point’s agenda for bringing peace and calamity in Balochistan and equilibrium those with Sheikh Mujeeb’s six points to gain weight-age and pressurize the establishment. Akhtar Mengal turned to the facilitators some of them were media men. The Pakistani media declared the Akhtar Mengal visit and bowing in front of Pakistan Supreme Court as "ray of hope". The TV anchors started the jugglers game by giving Akhtar a star representation and presenting the game is over. For instance just have a look on the stance of Hamid Mir, who in the Supreme Court Bar Conference about Balochistan was claiming that the solution of the Balochistan is in the hands of middle class and none of the sardars and lords can play any role.

However the Pakistani strategic policy makers and thinkers are expected to claim this visit a great success particularly at International forums i.e. at UN, UN Human Rights Council Sessions, at Pakistan UPR, and at state level discussions. They will claim it as internal issue and present that the state is engaged with the Baloch political leadership to resolve the issues of law and order. This might be considered as the first strike on the Baloch struggle at diplomatic forums.

Akhtar Mengal and particularly his team of advisors failed to anticipate the impact of this visit on the Baloch struggle. They were seen focused merely on the form of the event having no calculation of the nature of the activity and its broad impact in the diplomatic forums. Where many seem to be hope less from the Islamic state. Particularly from the state rough elements, Islamic fundamentalism as strategic policy, dubious army role on war on terror, economically failed state, abusing human rights etc. After the current Islamabad marathon BNP leadership has to think twice infact many times for their stance of move a head towards the solution of Balochistan issue. The preceding year message to BNP representatives from international forums was to look forward for something new for the future. Which at all doesn’t mean to creat failed hopes from Ifthikhar Chaudhri and present a mismatch agenda of six points at least Baloch could expect nothing from that?


Anonymous said...

It is a pity that. People like Munir Mengal don't have credibility and have always been associated with ISI for sometime, he his benefitting in France and allied with Pakistani army agents in army. r Munir you don't have a clue about Baloch movement and has no clue about politics. You don't understand. Do you know the case of missing persons has received so much attention just because Akhtar Mengal became a witness in the court?Baloch movement has received first time traction and pressure
Fr your kind information Akhtar Mengal presented a detailed case in the court. Please try to get the script and read it carefully. It talks about army's atrocities in Balochistan, names of missing persons and that army should stop killing and dumping people and bring an end to operation. Right after court appearance, six point agenda was issued, and this was communicated through media. Why are jealous? I can't see a difference between Rahman Maliki, ISPR and Munir Maliks statements, quite interesting.
Good luck as a ISI agent in Paris. How much are you paid per month?

Anonymous said...

Shame on Munir Malik who has a very interesting background.....everyone kows BNP has raised Balochistan issue. Politically. The movement will now receive international assistance as establishment has denied any involvement in Balochistan. we salute efforts of Sardar Mengal and colleagues.
people like Munir spreading propaganda are just toys playing n hands of ISI.