October 06, 2012

Balochistan National Congress (BNC) welcome Akhtar Jan Mengal's 6 points.

: Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of Balochistan National Congress (BNC), Washington D.C Chapter, in a statement welcomed Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal's 6 points and reiterated it's 14 points as CBM to help and pave the way for a way out of Balochistan's quagmire.

"if Pakistan's establishment is serious and sincerely wants Balochistan to be a part of Pakistan then they should sincerely and honestly implement all these 14 points and the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) 14 points resolutionsadopted by SCBA on Balochistan without any hesitation and further delay to pave the way for negotiation and finding an everlasting solution of Balochistan problem within the federation according to the Baloch wishes", Said Dr. Baloch.

" All Baloch leaders and stake holders must be taken into confidence and on board", he said.

"It is time that Pakistan's civil society and political parties must stand up with the Baloch people against the policy of alienation, marginalization and discrimination of Baloch and to bring to an end to such decade long injustices, abuses and immoral treatment directed against the Baloch people", Dr. Baloch siad.

He said, "those who are talking about one point agenda are not realistic and are unaware of the ground realites, but are following their suicidal and emotional slogans".

"Baloch must unite and use all means of struggle, including the parliamentary mean of struggle, to secure Baloch rights, including the right of self determination in accordance with the United Nation and international laws", Baloch said.

Here are Sardar Mengal’s six points: 

(1) All overt and covert military operations against the Baloch should be suspended;
(2) All missing persons should be produced to the court of Law;
(3) All proxy death squads created by the ISI and MI should be disbanded;
(4) Baloch nationalist parties should be allowed free political play without interference from ISI and MI;
(5) Those responsible for the killings and disappearances should be brought to book;
(6) Thousands of Baloch displaced by the conflict should be rehabilitated.

The Balochistan National Congress (BNC) 14 points are:

1. Military operation must end unconditionally and immediately.
2. All those Baloch who have been forcibly disappeared by FC and are missing must be released and allowed to re-join with their family members and law-enforcement officers, including military officers, who broke the law or committed crimes against Baloch citizens must be brought to justice.
3. Hefty and direct compensation in a transparent mode to the families of all those who got killed, kidnapped and tortured.
4. Homeless IDP's must be returned to their hearth and home with honor and dignity, rehabilitated and compensated.
5. The mostly Pashtun-based Frontier Corps, which have intentionally been deployed to create bad blood between the Baloch and Pashtuns, must be removed from all Baloch cities and towns in Balochistan and replaced by local Balochs; all the FC check post should be dismantled in Balochistan; the Pastun-based Frontier Corps should be deployed along the Afghan border in Pashtun areas.
6. All Afghan refugees living in Balochistan must be returned back to Afghanistan and their names removed from the voter registration lists.
7. The historic territorial integrity and demography of Balochistan, land of the Baloch, must not be changed.
8. Balochistan’s boundaries to be redrawn based on historical, ethnic and linguistic line and all Pashtun areas of Balochistan should be joined with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
9. Gwadar port and Balochistan's natural resources must be used to uplift the Baloch people.
10. Baloch secular national identity and culture must be honored, preserved, restored and respected.
11. Balochi language must be declared Balochistan's primary language of learning.
Baloch, especially the ordinary middle classes, must be well represented at all the federal level and in foreign services to remove their sense of deprivation and alienation to make them feel as counted citizens.
13. Pakistan should be re-named as the United States of Pakistan (USP) and be declared as a federation of 4 autonomus individual States, Viz,PunjabSindhBalochistan and Pakhtunkwa, where all federating units should be treated and represented equally in all federal depratments, including the armed forces and foriegn services.
14. Center should only keep the defense, currency and foreign affairs and all other departments, including the foreign trade, taxation and communication, should be given to the federating units with full autonomy. Every federating unit should be allowed to take care of their internal security appratus according to their needs and resources and all federating units should be free to promote their National identity, language, culture and traditions without any fear, intimidation or coercin.
An atmopsphere of friendship, co-operation, tolerence, mutual respect, understaning and accomodation among all nationalites in Pakistan should be promoted, supported and encourged, in order to bring peace and hormony in Pakistan. The terrorism, religious extremism and violence should be denouced in its all forms and shapes.

Supreme Court Bar Association's 14 points resolution are:  (Attached as pdf file)
Link >> http://www.scribd.com/doc/94908333/Resolution-Adopted-on-%E2%80%9CBaluchistan-issue-and-its-solution%E2%80%9D
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