October 10, 2012

BALOCHISTAN: "One point Agenda" for Sardars?

Those who can not support or endorse a simple and important protest at the UN, aimed to highlight the gross human right violations, war crimes and genocide in Balochistan to the world leaders, have no right to speak for one point agenda. This one point agenda is not for the ordinary Baloch people but for Nawabs and Sardars only and Baloch people has nothing to do with this "one point Sardari mentality" and Balochcidal agenda.

It is unfortunate to mention that the BNP,  whose members always stage protest in front of the Quetta Press Club (attached Photo), asking the UN to intervene in Balochistan, but refused to join, support or endorse the Baloch protest at the UN in New York, along with BRP and BHRC-Canada,  where world leaders were gathering for the 67th session of General Assembly, to draw their attention to the ongoing military operation and human right violations in Balochistan, in a time when the UN working group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances were on the ground in Balochistan on a fact finding mission. 

Is shouting in front of Quetta Press Club more effective and better THAN protesting at the UN Secretariat? 

Baloch Nation have suffered enough due to their egoistic,  divisive, selfish attitudes and Balochcidal agendas of these Nawabs, and Sardars, who have made Baloch blood and tears a "business". They do not tolerate any ordinary Baloch to speak for the motherland and if one does either he get killed by their death squads (inside Balochistan) or sidelined and isolated by their paid agents (in Diaspora).

This is not a "war of independence" but a war of Khans, Nawabs and Sardars to save and protect their own interests and Sardari system. Whenever a Sardar dies, it is a "Jang-e-Azadee" (War of liberation) but when an ordinary Baloch dies, it is nothing. Why should we, the ordinary middle-class Baloch, fight their so-called 'war of Independence", if it solely benefits the Khans, Nawabs and Sardars? Let them fight their own war.  If they are truly sincere with their people, they should return to Balochistan and fight their own war by themselves, like Dr. Allah Nazar, Instead of enjoying luxury lives in Europe and elsewhere.

It is time that all ordinary Baloch shun these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars and join hand on Balochistan National Congress (BNC) platform to save and secure Balochistan for the themselves, the ordinary Baloch people, not for Khans, Nawabs and Sardars.

Balochistan National Congress (BNC).
The Middle-Class platform for the middle class Balochs.

Balochistan National Congress (BNC)
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Washington D.C., 20036
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Anonymous said...

Balochistan National Congress (BNC), Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) and Balochunity(Moscow) jointly organized a protest at the UN Secretariat in New York, to Highlight to ongoing Human right violations and genocide in Pakistani and Iranian Occupied Balochistan, but BRP, BNP and BHRC, who claims to be Baloch political parties fighting for Baloch rights refused to join, support or endorse the protest, but are shouting loudly for Baloch independence. Is this is hypocrisy or two faced policy?

Asif Baloch said...

Sardars always held baloch masses as their hostages by inducing sweet slogans of independence, freedom from pakistan. In the past these same sardars were stooges of british. Now it is for Baloch masses to decide their fate, in the light of 21st century where knowledge, prospects for growth are abound. Common Baloch has no other option than to junk these corrupt sardars, NawabZadas who are rascals to the core, and support middle class, common baloch leaders who genuinely reflect aspirations of Baloch. TO HELL WITH SARDARS

Anonymous said...

If this so called BNC is for baloch people, i hope this is a good start. They have to walk and talk.

Abdul Rauf said...

...dishearted to see that even in this hard time, we are criticizing on each other, than to stand united and fight for Greater Balochistan.

Anonymous said...

Waja Rauf, this is purely BS, as long as these sardar morons live there is no hope for baloch people.