October 20, 2012

BNC welcomes Rabbani’s five points to resolve Balochistan issue

WASHINGTON: Balochistan National Congress (BNC) Washington chapter President Dr Wahid Baloch on Saturday welcomed Senator Raza Rabbani’s five points for resolving the Balochistan’s issue, but reiterated implementation of its 14 points in this regard.

“Senator Rabbani’s suggestions are like lollipops and band aids. They are not sufficient enough to address the 64 years of grievances and decades old conflict between Islamabad and Balochistan,” Dr Baloch said.

“If Islamabad is sincere and seriously wants Balochistan to remain a part of Pakistan then they should implement the BNC 14 points and the SCBA recommendations on Balochistan honestly and sincerely without any further delay,” he added.

He said the FC is the main cause of the problem and not a part of any solution. Even the chief justice of Pakistan had blamed and criticised FC for human right abuses, kidnapping and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan, he said. As long as FC stays in Balochistan, the situation in Balochistan will not improve, but get worse, as FC is an anti-Baloch Pashtun force which has been involved in “kill and dump” of Baloch leaders and activists and been running a unconstitutional parallel Government in Balochistan, Baloch added.

FC has also been involved in creating the law and order situation in Balochistan to justify it’s illegal and unconstitutional use of powers and to maintain it’s parallel Government in Balochistan in the name of “defending the territorial integrity” of the country. “All the killings going on in Balochistan are being carried out by FC and ISI agents as none of the killers have been ever apprehended or brought to Justice”, he said.

He said, curtailing FC’s power or putting it under the control of chief minster, as Rabbani suggested, would not help the situation. “Instead, the FC, must be removed from all Baloch cities and towns and replaced by local Baloch citizens to restore their confidence and ensure their safety and security,” he said. “All the FC checkposts must be removed and Baloch citizens must be allowed to move freely without any intimidation and harassment”, he said. pr

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