October 01, 2012

It was an assassination attempt by 'pro-Khalistan elements': Lt Gen KS Brar

By Prasun Sonwalkar | Place: London | Agency: PTI
Lt Gen K S Brar, who was assaulted by four people in central London on Sunday night, is convinced that it was an attempt to assassinate him by "pro-Khalistan elements" for his role in the 1984 "OperationBluestar". Brar, who kicked and fought three of the four assailants, suffered a knife wound in the neck and is recovering after receiving medical treatment at a London hospital soon after the attack on him near the busy Marble Arch area. He is due to return to India on Tuesday.
"This was a pure assassination attempt on me. Even on Internet there are so many threats being sent to me to say that there have been many attempts on your life but they haven't succeeded, but the next one will succeed. They've been after me." Brar told a television channel on Monday night.
"On 6th of June, which is the anniversary of Bluestar, particularly in London, the radical Sikhs come out in procession with banners and make pledges to kill me. So it was a pure assassination attempt," he said. Brar said it was "obvious" that the assailants were Khalistan sympathisers, who, he added, wanted to kill him since "Operation Bluestar". Describing the incident, 78-year-old Brar said that he fought with the assailants, with "abnormal strength", and added: "Now when I think back, I can't imagine how I fought with those three big guys. But I suppose being a soldier and having been in the army for so many years, one learns to defend oneself".
One of the four assailants, he said, separated his wife from him, while the other three "went for me". His wife fell down when one of the assailants pushed her against the wall, he said.
Everything happened within a couple of minutes, "maybe one minute", he said. The police, Brar said, had told him that a mobile phone had been recovered from the site of assault, which may lead them to the assailants.
The retired Lt General praised the police and hospital authorities who treated him after the assault.
Operation Bluestar was aimed at flushing out Sikh terrorists led by JarnailSingh Bhindrawale from the Golden Temple, who were demanding a separate state for Sikhs called Khalistan.
Brar saw action in the 1971 war with Pakistan, and was among the first to enter Dhaka when the Indian army forced Pakistani army into surrender.
General AS Vaidya who was the Army Chief in 1984 planned the highly controversial Operation BluestarVaidya was shot dead in Pune in 1986.

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Diwali said...

Surprising that a Veteran with Z Cat security was un covered in London. Private visit does not mean that he is thrown to the wolves. Remember,he had willingly surrendered his life for the cause of the Nation and the Nation is duty bound to protect his life. Wish him a safe and speedy recovery.