November 02, 2012

Baloch leader urges Obama to ask CIA to intervene in Balochistan

 Dr. Wahid Baloch with U.S. President Joe Biden

November 1, 2012

By: Ahmar Mustikhan
WASHINGTON, D.C: The Leader of the first Baloch Diaspora organizations in North America has welcomed the U.S stance on human rights violations but has asked the Obama administration to direct the C.I.A. to support the Baloch freedom fighters against Pakistan and Iran.

Dr. Wahid Baloch, president of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), said he welcomes Her Excellency Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe remarks on Balochistan situation at the U.N. Human Rights Council but said that it fell far short of the Baloch expectations as the Baloch want the U.S. and International community to physically intervene in Balochistan to save lives of Baloch people and end the illegal and unjust occupation of their homeland by Pakistan and Iran.

"Balochistan was an independent sovereign state and was forcefully occupied by these two Islamic states against the will and consent of Baloch people. It is the duty of United States and the international community to help Baloch re-gain their freedom against the occupiers." he said.

He asked the Obama Administration to direct the State Department and CIA to reach out to Baloch freedom fighters and help them in their fight for freedom and justice.

Dr. Baloch argued that a free independent democratic Balochistan is in the best interests of the larger cause of liberty, human rights, and democracy in the region.

Dr. Baloch has met U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, late senator Ted Kennedy, Reps. Gary Ackerman, Brad Sherman, former ambassadors Zalmay Khalilzad and John Bolton, among others, to inform them about Balochistan. He has traveled to Gulf, Europe and India to create awareness about Balochistan. He has also always stepped up to the plate to help and support young journalists.

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